Summer Activities to Beat the Heat

Summer is in full force. The weather is hot and humid and your toddler seems to need constant attention and entertainment. We live in a small town in Texas and the community of people are so sweet. I love how the town comes together with a band at the town’s center stage on Saturday nights, or host an Antique Alley that stretches for miles where you can find all sorts of antiques while eating fried food. But our favorite is the local pool or splash pad. It’s a guarantee that you’ll always find me there with a huge bag filled with towels, toys, food, and water. Of course, after several weeks it can feel redundant and boring, but when you watch your kid having a blast and challenging themselves to do something new (like jump off the ledge into the pool) it’s all worth it.

Recently we have been going to our local theater for dollar kids movies every Wednesday morning. All the moms have stayed in touch over the summer through a text chain. We save a huge row where all these kids sit next two each other. I am having a blast eating hotdogs and popcorn while watching the joy in my daughters eyes as the movie flickers in front of us. My favorite is when Elle’s friends are more talkative during the movie and she leans over and shhhh’s them. She loves a good movie and so do we. We’ve taught her movie etiquette. We clap when the movie ends and stay through the credits for those new end bumper scenes. Afterwards, we’ll take all the kids to a restaurant where they can eat and play while us moms catch up.

Through all these social events that I’ve found for us to do, I have noticed a lot of us parents (myself included) with our faces in our phones, browsing social media. Sure, it’s a great way to stay connected with friends by seeing someone’s awesome beach vacation, but after awhile we hit the end of the internet, yet we continue to browse. Again, I’m a victim of this too. I’ll hear Elle holler out, “Mommy, did you see what I did?” I missed her doing her new trick and although she repeats it for me, I have to remind myself that this summer, the summer she turned 3, will be over before I know it and that I need to enjoy playing with her at this age.
So even though it is so hot outside. Wear your sunscreen, get in a pool, or stay cool in a movie. Honestly doing anything this summer with your kids will be memorable. Just try not to miss it because of social media.



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