The Struggle to Stay Focused

I was that kid in grade school getting my name written up and getting in trouble for talking to my neighbor. I was that kid who meant well (or so I thought) but kept getting side tracked. And now history is repeating itself with my daughter. Time and time again her teachers praise her abilities, but they keep coming back to the same problem: focus. Apparently, she doesn’t have any.

I watch her in her classes. The kid picks things up fast. But then all she really wants to do is mess around and make the other kids laugh. My husband-who is one of the smartest people I know-understands the lack of drive. He did the most minimal amount of work possible in school despite the fact that he grasped concepts easily. As he tells it, he never cared about studying or applying himself for better grades or better results. (And this is coming from a guy who rambles the term Distal Neuropathy during general conversation.)

At some point during my adult life, I do believe I found my focus. But a huge reason for that is because I found a personal motivation for what I was doing. So how do you teach that to an 8-year-old who is not so inclined? More importantly, should we teach that to kids if that’s not their natural tendency?

I read an excellent article recently on The Human Brain that explores many factors that might contribute to poor focus. And while I don’t believe my child has ADHD-a most over diagnosed condition-there are definitely suggestions in here I had not considered before. I think we’ll begin with the small lifestyle changes first and then see if there’s improvement. Then I’ll report back here in a few months to discuss how we did.

It’s easily to get distracted in the world we live in, isn’t it? Do you or your child struggle to find focus?



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