Spinach Mushroom Quinoa Puree

Spinach = Calcium. How awesome can food be?! Although, sometimes I hear parents claim that, “If I don’t like spinach then my baby won’t like it either.” We shouldn’t say that. As parents we should give our little ones a chance. You will be surprised how similar yet different kiddos are from their parents. Not to mention, trying healthy options when they’re really young can set the course for an expanding pallet.

Adding some unique ingredients like mushrooms and quinoa gives this puree a healthy nutritional balance. Sure, mushrooms sound like a crazy addition to your little one’s meals but around the 10-12 month is a great age to start trying mushrooms in their meals. Oddly enough, some children are vitamin D deficient and mushrooms convert sunlight to vitamin D in the same way we humans do. It might seem a little bizarre for your baby to eat raw mushrooms but as you can tell, I’m all about trying new things.

I love using foods in multiply ways. Especially if I can whip up a dinner with the same ingredients that I’m adding into a baby puree. After slicing up some mushrooms to steam for baby, slice up some more for dinner for the family. Add some butter to a sauce pan and season for 15 minutes on a medium heat and you’ve got yourself a savory side dish. Or if steak is on the menu, they make a great topping for your steak. Want a little more substance to your adult meal?

Back to our spinach, mushroom and quinoa puree, using the Baby Bullet blender, add all three amazing ingredients, and feed to your baby while you and the rest of the family enjoy a very similar meal together.

Spinach Mushroom Quinoa Puree


  • 1/2 cup washed spinach
  • 1/2 cup mushrooms


  1. In the Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer place the ingredients and set to 3 setting.
  2. Add the steamed, cooled ingredients in the Baby Bullet and blend till smooth.




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