How I Sneak Veggies Into Everything


I have a confession to make:

I’m a sneak.

I’m a liar.

I lie and cheat to my children, through food.

That’s right. I confess. You’ve caught me red-handed. I have been sneaking spinach and avocado in my son’s banana smoothies for years.

Whatever extra protein I can find, whether it’s powdered or in yogurt form, gets thrown into the breakfast breads I make for the morning.

I substitute applesauce for sugar whenever I can.

For years, I pureéd beets into my daughter’s pancakes and dubbed them “pink pancakes”. The green ones contained hearty amounts of spinach and were titled “Hulk pancakes”. Neither child had a clue. It was power-trip worthy. I used to pat myself on the back, knowing what I had gotten away with. My husband and I would high-five behind the counter.

I was a virtual vegetable-sneak mastermind.

But now it’s time to come clean.

I’m a sham. A fake. A phoney.

In fact, I can’t even stop. If you come to my house, I might have to throw some cauliflower puree’ into your alfredo sauce, or some leafy greens into your pesto. I’ve been known to fool those expecting mashed potatoes with a cauliflower-cilantro pureé or two. And if you think that desserts are off limits, think again. Three words: Avocado Lime Pudding.

I do this often without remorse and sometimes with delight.


Because I can.

I’m tired.

I’m determined.

I’m a mom.

And I’m armed with a Baby Bullet.





About Maia Rodriguez

"Military Mom" Maia Rodriguez was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but that was about twenty homes ago. After graduating from Syracuse University with a BFA in Musical Theater, she traveled just about everywhere in the country, lived in a green turtle-like tent for 6 months, toured and slept in the back of her van and even worked in Japan for a year. Then she met her husband who tamed her (ha!) and they embarked together on the adventure of parenthood in southern California where she worked as a professional pirate. Now, two children later, the family currently resides in VIrginia, where she sings for the US Navy as a vocalist. When she’s not mothering, she’s writing music for "Evernight," singing and writing for the Baby Bullet Blog.

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