Practical Foods That Help with Teething

I have met a lot of moms who have asked me what I recommend to relieve the pain during the stages of teething. There are so many things you can do from the dissolvable teething tablets to the amber necklaces. But don’t panic and start thinking you have to go out and buy those teething crackers or bars. You have everything you need right in the produce department or your refrigerator.

Methods that Help with Teething

For one, ice was my favorite. We used mesh bags that were designed to add frozen fruit that the baby can suck on through the mesh. You can find them in the baby section at Target. I found the true nature of this mesh bag to be a real mess and not really helping with teething or eating. But I did find that by adding ice cubes, my baby could suck on that thing and find relief.

Beside using ice to relieve the pain, I found that letting my daughter gnaw on some type of food was another way to help with the teething pain. I would cut a small cucumber, carrot, or zucchini in half (or quarter long strips), making it easy enough for my baby to hold in her hands. These long sticks are easy to hold and can reach the back molars when biting on them. Just be careful when they do start getting teeth they don’t bite off a huge piece and choke. So, always monitor your baby when introducing any solid foods for the first time.

If your baby uses pacifiers, grab a glass of cold ice water and place the pacifier in the cold water for 2-5 minutes. Pop that in the baby’s mouth for instant relief.


In the end, teething is never a fun stage for babies and parents. But hopefully, these few suggestions will help ease the pain for your little one.





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