Apple Mash – First Food


Apple sauce is the perfect first food to start on your 4-month old baby. Apples are great on babies tummies. Even to this day, I find apple sauce to … [Continue reading]

Time Change: The Wisdom of Peter Pan

Last weekend, we moved our clocks back an hour and received that one precious hour of extra sleep. (I should add that when you’re the parent of young … [Continue reading]

Butternut and Red Pepper Puree


I love the vibrant color of this puree! It's subtle sweetness from the butternut will help ease your baby's tastebuds into new flavors! Butternut and … [Continue reading]

Pear Puree


Pears are gentle on a baby's tummy and easy to digest. If your baby is suffering from reflux and or constipation this is perfect first food. Starting … [Continue reading]

Pumpkin Coconut Soup


Nothing says Fall like a bowl of warm pumpkin soup! My toddler enjoyed helping me during every step of cooking this pumpkin coconut soup, from … [Continue reading]

The Risk of Lead Exposure

Lead exposure has re-surfaced as a very public topic and concern over the last 2 years since the population of Flint Michigan was affected by severe … [Continue reading]

Oktoberfest Recipes

Not being of German persuasion or a great connoisseur of beer, I’ll begrudgingly admit to knowing very little about this phenomenon called the … [Continue reading]

Sweet Potato or Carrot Pancakes


At least once, sometimes twice a week we have pancakes for dinner. My youngest kids all the way up to my older kids, including my husband, love … [Continue reading]

Black Sesame Cupcakes


My 2-year old and I had fun baking these black sesame cupcakes, made with whole wheat flour, yogurt, milk, cocoa powder, eggs and black sesame seeds. … [Continue reading]

First Food Banana Puree


Are you nervous about feeding your baby solids for the first time? Don’t be! It’s fun to make a mess and that's just what is going to happen. Still … [Continue reading]