Katniss Everdeen vs. A Mom


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Letting Go (Just a Little…)

Mother and daughter in garden, daughter blows birthday candles out

Ever since my oldest daughter started first grade - about six months ago - it’s been a study for me in letting go. She’s really becoming her own … [Continue reading]

Toy Phone vs. Real Phone


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I’ve been following Bryan and Lesley’s journey with their daughter, Cecilia, for the last year now. Admittedly, I have those … [Continue reading]

Mean, Mean Daddy


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Toddlers and PMS Don’t Mix


Confession time: I'm not perfect when it comes to raising our son. My husband and I strive not to lose our patience with our toddler and not raise our … [Continue reading]

8 Mundane Mom Moments that Are Also Completely Awesome


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Bringing Out the Mama Bear

Little girl sharing her milk at coffee shop

I have been known to have a bit of an Italian temper, but nothing grinds my gears and unleashes the beast like people being rude, mean, or otherwise … [Continue reading]

Control Freak


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Digital Nativity – Good or Bad?

Infographic1-12 copy

Is access to digital technology a plus or minus in your book? Most of us grew up listening to the radio and watching television, but technology is … [Continue reading]