Caramel Applesauce


Every time I make applesauce, I'm reminded how it’s probably the easiest thing to do. It has little to no prep, and you could switch up the flavors to … [Continue reading]

Ask Dr. JJ: When Should My LO Try His First Food and More

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When should my little one try his first food? In 2 weeks, it'll be time for my LO to try his first food. I'm so excited, yet terrified about screwing … [Continue reading]

Quick and Easy Avocado Dressing

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There's nothing better than a versatile sauce you can use any time. As a salad dressing, a sauce, or all around flavor enhancer, this is a great … [Continue reading]

Give It Up, Baby, Give It Up


So, after about ten years of succumbing to the drug-like lure of Diet Coke, I firmly decided that it was high time I gave up my one highly toxic and … [Continue reading]

Making Your Picky Eater Less Picky


I hear it All. The. Time.“But I have a picky eater!” Well, don't let that stop you from introducing your little one to new and exciting flavors! … [Continue reading]

Food and the Social Experience

Yesterday, we went to a Celtic Festival in southern Maryland and my daughter’s friend asked her to try some funnel cake. When my kid had no idea what … [Continue reading]

When Your Child Gets Sick While Traveling

Planning is everything when you take a trip, especially when you have a child. When you're on the road (or in a plane, train or boat) it’s important … [Continue reading]

Butternut Squash and Leek Soup


Another great recipe for soup lovers! Soup is great because it's filling and warm and inviting, all while being perfect for your littlest eaters. … [Continue reading]

It’s Curtains to You!

blonde baby sixteen month old peeking face behind white curtain

It just might be due to spring fever, my children’s particular phase of life, or me simply losing my mind and my patience too often, but I have found … [Continue reading]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Kale and Orange Puree


When most people think of Brussels Sprouts, they can't help but think yuck! Indeed, that fragrant cabbage smell can be intense. But don’t boil these … [Continue reading]