Take the Quiz! What Does Your Favorite Food Say About You?

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Baby’s First Creamsicle Ice Cream


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Green Goddess Pasta Puree

pic 1 copy

Babies, toddlers, and adults - we all love pasta! My little one can put down an entire box of macaroni and cheese at dinner. And honestly, mac and … [Continue reading]

Loving Them

When my first child was born, it was oddly not love at first sight. I felt numb. And then… terror. What was I going to do with this tiny being? How … [Continue reading]

Baby’s Cheesy Broccoli

Baby Bullet Cheese Broc.3

I don’t think any child gets super excited about broccoli for dinner, unless you add cheese sauce! This is the perfect new recipe for your young one! … [Continue reading]

Ask Dr. JJ: Solid Meals for Baby


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Blueberry, Cherry, Spinach Puree

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Oh Happy Day! Make a big batch of this puree and freeze the leftovers because your baby will love this one. It’s delicious! This puree makes me happy … [Continue reading]

Mommy & Me Giveaway!


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Dots and Spots, When Your Child’s Rash Requires a

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DIY Lip Gloss with Your Toddlers


My daughter Elle loves to sit in my lap while I put on my makeup. Of course she wants to imitate and do exactly like her mommy, so I give her a small … [Continue reading]