Work and Home Balance

Mother embracing her little girl before leaving to work

I'm on a bus with twenty-five people. I'm traveling through Florida. This happens once a year for my job. It's only about 22 days, but it's 22 days … [Continue reading]

Bathroom Break

Bathroom Break

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Homemade Glass and Window Cleaner


Stop staring out of a smudgy window! Use this easy-to-make and natural DIY cleaner for a better, clearer view! And yes, it is easy to make. You … [Continue reading]

Baby Laughs at Mom Eating Chips

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Reunited and It Feels So Good


After moving and attempting to get settled into a new house right before Christmas, our family routines and rituals were majorly disturbed. Our eating … [Continue reading]

Getting Mom’s Attention


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Carrot Blueberry Baby Puree


This combination of carrots and blueberries is something I stumbled upon. The juice from the blueberries make a great way to sweeten up a very tart or … [Continue reading]

Hitting the Lottery


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Ask Dr. JJ: Eating with Sensory Issues

dr. jj copy

Kerri: My son is almost 2 and has sensory issues with eating. He gags when his food is a little chunky. He does see a therapist, but do you have any … [Continue reading]

Twice as Bad as You


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