Clean Like the Queen of England is Coming!


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Don’t Yell at Your Kids


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Go Home, Easter Bunny!


Now 28 with a daughter of his own, my nephew accidentally coined a family expression over one fateful Easter brunch when he was about three. A quarter … [Continue reading]

Avocado Pear Teething Popsicles


"Welcome to teething" is an understatement. This is no walk in the park. Would you be happy if something was growing out of your gums? No, and this is … [Continue reading]

Easter Candy


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Giveaway: The New Dad Dictionary

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Parenting - on dad's terms. Author Chris Illuminati (yes, that is his real name) brings you a complete dictionary guide to the parenting terms you'll … [Continue reading]

Zach Galifianakis Entertains Pre-Schoolers

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How Am I Still Breathing?


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Avocado Cinnamon Pear Puree

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Elle, my 9-month-old daughter, has been eating so many varieties of food lately. She became a pro at eating avocados when she was 6 month old, but now … [Continue reading]

Want Kids to Behave on Road Trips?


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