Making Seasonal Decor Out of School Art

IMG_2521 copy

If you have a toddler like I do, you probably have a lot of artwork coming home from preschool or kindergarten. Initially, I started taking our … [Continue reading]

Butternut Squash and Brown Rice


My little Elle loved, loved, loved butternut squash as a baby. Actually, she loved when I steamed any vegetable that was orange. She loved carrots, … [Continue reading]

DIY Wizard Costume for Your Little One

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This year, I didn’t want to spend a lot on a halloween costume and wasn't going to have a ton of time to work on one, so I repurposed some awesome … [Continue reading]

Dear Pumpkin,

yellow pumpkin on old weathered wooden background

I think it’s time we talked. Starting at the end of August, I see signs of you everywhere. “Pumpkin Bread”…. “Pumpkin Spiced Ale”… “Pumpkin-Filled … [Continue reading]

Blueberry and Chickpea Puree


Have you noticed that some baby purees sold in stores use yogurt or milk? What if your kiddos are lactose intolerant? Be safe and give your little … [Continue reading]

5th Annual Costume Cutie Contest


From their little button noses to their itty, bitty feet, your precious babes are absolute cuties when it comes to Halloween. Show them off this year … [Continue reading]

Music in the Household

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My husband has many talents; aside from being great with our kids, he has been many things: a musician, an installation artist, a computer programmer, … [Continue reading]

The Horse on the Ledge

Mom and son playing with paper boats by the lake. Warm filter and film effect

Now that school has started up and the fall season is upon us, I'm starting to get my annual panicky feeling. Despite the fact that fall is my … [Continue reading]

Kale Apple Mango Puree


This is a creative blend of baby food. I came up with it one night when I needed to make my little one some food and this is all I had in the fridge. … [Continue reading]

Delicious Apple Pie Dip

Mix potato starch and apple filling. Making Apple Pie Tart Series.

Last weekend, we took a trip to the orchard right down the street and went apple picking, which is a fall tradition of ours. The sun was shining, the … [Continue reading]