10 Reasons Moms Are Awesome

Is it too early for Mother’s Day musings? If it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Yes, the day is near, but mothers need more than just a … [Continue reading]

Practical, Low-Cost Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

Believe it or not, injuries in the household are one of the top reasons why children aged 3 and under visit the emergency room each year. Your child’s … [Continue reading]

Herbarium Project for Kids


As an English teacher, it should come as no surprise that many of my personal interests and passions are rooted in literature. For example, I became … [Continue reading]

Hominy, Chicken, and Green Bean Puree


Have you had hominy? Have you ever heard of hominy? They are these deliciously puffy and chewy corn kernels with a unique taste. You may have had … [Continue reading]

When Your Kid Calls You Fat


My 8-year-old daughter is really into the musical “Hairspray.” She went to go see it with her cousin on a recent visit home, and I’m not sure how … [Continue reading]

Do Babies Need Shoes?


If the shoe fits, should a child wear it? Socks or booties are just fine to keep little piggies warm. And once babies start to crawl, pull to stand, … [Continue reading]

Moms – Take Time For Yourselves!

IMG_6075 copy

As mothers, we've all heard it before. In order to take care of our family, we must first take care of ourselves. But, like all mothers who hear this, … [Continue reading]

Cuban Pork Polenta and Orzo Puree


I am a fan of always using the ingredients that you have in your fridge. Don’t break the bank whipping up something new when you can get creative with … [Continue reading]

Love Muffins

Homemade carrot muffins on brown wooden background

Spring time: a time for rainy weather, blossoming flowers, and Hallmark cards! Whether you have a love muffin in your life or not, you can still make … [Continue reading]

Why Do Babies Walk So Funny?


It’s so common for parents to be concerned about baby's feet and legs during the first 3 years of life. Why, you ask? Because little ones are all over … [Continue reading]