Egg-cellent Easter Tips

My addiction to Pinterest might be considered “unhealthy” by some. I prefer to think of it as “optimistically obsessive.” But it’s not such a terrible thing, since it helped me have one of our family’s best Easters yet. One afternoon, while strolling through its pages, I came across some Easter Egg Hunt ideas.

Now maybe it’s because my dad made our Easters pretty epic, but I love me a good Egg Hunt. He would busily work all Sunday morning on an elaborate event, distributing our map of “clues” when we were ready to begin. I remember pulling a string on the side of the house and a perfect little paper airplane circled down to the ground with a prize and the next clue.

In past years, I have offered the same experience to my children with varying themes: Pirates… cops and robbers… But this year, I wanted something different. Easter is past, but hold on to these tips for next year, and work on incorporating them into any other holiday celebration – or heck, add them to your list of Sunday activities!

  1. Get Despicable. It’s really simple to make a Minion Egg. Just ask Allison Aars. Or visit Thrifty Mom for a simple Minion Egg tutorial.
  2. Assign Colors. This year, we were joined by other children of varying ages. I read something about assigning each child a color. This prevents all the bickering, and especially gives the younger children a shot at finding the same number of eggs as the older ones – use this tip when busting a piñata or playing other hide-and-seek games.
  3. Go Dark. I found multiple “Egg hunts by flashlight.” At Let’s Get Together, they offer insight on how to do a Scavenger Hunt after the sun goes down.
  4. Cut the Sugar. Want an Easter (or any holiday) without the extra calories? Fill your eggs with everything from bracelets to stickers to tattoos! Do this with stocking stuffers, birthday goodie bags, you name it!


Hope your Easter was just as fun, Baby Bulleteers! May your baskets (and not baby’s diapers) be full to the brim!



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