Making Your Own Organic Wood Block Air Fresheners

While I am shamelessly attached to my electric essential oil air diffuser, the truth is that sometimes the process of getting it going is just too much effort — go ahead and judge. So, from the candle-lit diffusers and ceramic figures, to lavender sachets and nasal inhalers, I love easy ways to incorporate the air purifying and air freshening properties of essential oils into all areas of my life.

It’s actually easier than you think putting one of these DIY scented air diffusers together. It’s better for the earth, it doesn’t contain unnatural scents or chemicals, and adds a lovely decorative touch to your home. Give it a try!

Scented Wood Block or Pieces

What You’ll Need

  • 10-12 miniature wood blocks or die cut wood shapes
  • paint brush
  • mason jar
  • your favorite essential oils


  1. To begin making your air freshening wood blocks, arrange your wood blocks or pieces on a placemat or surface that can tolerate the strength and corrosiveness of essential oils.
  2. Count out about 20-30 drops of your desired essential oils (I recommend sandalwood, lavender, and sage for the bedroom; lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus for the bathroom, and sweet orange and spearmint or peppermint for the kitchen—just give you some ideas) and place the drops into a mason or glass jar.
  3. Next, dip your paintbrush into the essential oils and “paint” your wood pieces on all sides with the essential oils.
  4. Once finished, place your wood pieces into the mason jar, adding more essential oils if you would like, and seal the jar. Give it a shake or two, then allow to sit overnight. You can arrange these in a pretty bowl or dish, or you can also place in a small mesh tea bag to make a sachet you can tuck into a drawer or closet. The best part about these is that you can reuse and refresh them by putting them back in the jar and adding more essential oils.

Have fun trying all kinds of different oil blends and different die-cut wood shapes. You can make these as sophisticated or as rustic as you would like. Remember to keep a few on hand, as they make excellent hostess gifts!



About Becky Jha

Born and raised in rural Connecticut , Becky DeMattia-Jha attended Salve Regina University in Newport, RI, and has her M.Ed. She has been teaching high school English for 15 years and currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband, their two children, and their German Shepherd. She spends her precious summer vacations indulging in passions other than literature: serving as a lactation peer coach, practicing herbal medicine, organic gardening, making natural cleansers and cosmetics, and preparing quick and easy organic recipes for her family. She hopes to share her efficient, chemical-free, eco-conscious, frugal, and simplistic homemaking and homesteading tips with you.

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