How About a Road Trip?


Okay, bags are packed and it’s time to double check the packing list. Toothbrush, check. Snacks for the baby, check. Diapers, check. Wipes, check. It’s inevitable that the car is going to get messy—we’ll be crammed in there for 5-6 hours. So, back to the list. Toys, check. Plush animals, check. Crayons, check. Shoes, check. Yes, on one particular road trip, I packed so efficiently, list and all, that I accidentally forgot my daughter’s shoes. Of all things, her shoes! Fortunately, one Wal-Mart and $12 later, we had shoes again.

No doubt, road trips can be a flurried mess when you have a little one traveling along. But on our recent trip, I learned that, through the haze of rushed packing, the hours spent with Lady and the Tramp on repeat, and the inevitable screeching, it’s all worth it. It may have been a hard-learned lesson, but learned none the less!

Listing out the necessities is essential. Before a road trip, you have to think of the oddest, most needed, and most wanted things for your toddler. You’ll be driving and all of a sudden your daughter (like mine) might request a toy she hasn’t played with in months. And of course, it’s still back at the house. You can’t bring everything along, but having those toys you know are basically required will save you a major headache.


Lately, to keep my little 19-month-old Elle quiet and content in the car—not to mention have a happy and sane momma—is to break out the iPad. We didn’t have them as kids and, yes, it would be nice to savor family quality time, but for a period this long, Daniel the Tiger is a great way (on rare occasions) to keep them from screaming in the car seat.

Another great way to keep your little ones entertained? Get out and play! A short pit stop can mean stretched legs, a quick chase, some coloring, you name it. When the car starts to slow, Elle is bursting from the car seat, ready to get out and play!

The last leg of the trip, after you’ve read every book and colored every page, you might be feeling exhausted. And trust me, you’re not alone. Like clockwork, the last twenty minutes of our road trip, Elle makes up her mind—she is done with the car and ready to get out. These trips are indeed tiring, frustrating, even baffling sometimes. But, despite all that, I have to say, I cherish the moments spent with Elle, as she eats a snack, plays with her toys, asks questions in that cute baby voice, or just sleeps contently. Road trips create moments that will be tucked away in your memory forever, and that made this road trip one of the best yet.

And, yes, there may have been a few stops for ice cream!




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