Happy 2014!

How did you and your little one spend the New Year? We were excited to see photos and video of little ones at Time Square, at the Sydney Harbor for the fireworks display, and all over the world!

But for others, the loud noises and rowdy crowds were just too much to handle with a little one afoot.

Tell us, how did you spend this New Year’s Eve? Was your kiddo awake and energized, or out like a light?




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  1. I like that the baby bullet system comes with a recipe guide as well as storage containers

  2. Brooke Thompson says:

    I just started making my baby puréed baby food. I would love the baby bullet to make it easier. Making baby food is so much more healthy than processed food. Also, I can use this for my 3 year old as well to make apple sauce and smoothies!!!!

  3. Cindy Trevino says:

    I like that you can make your babies food, it looks so easy to make and seems affordable and fun to make, makes you feel good to make thest food for your infant♥

  4. I love the date dial!

  5. meilani calhoun says:

    Ready for 2014 with my lttle girl ready for baby food! She is ready to take this year with a full bite!

  6. Jackie Moreno says:

    My little guy was out like a light by 9pm. We had a quiet night but wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

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