Hand-Painted Letters for Christmas

These hand-painted letters are a meaningful and affordable gift that you can make for children and adults alike! Easy to make, beautiful, and totally personalized, they’re an easy way to cross every gift off your holiday present list.

These particular letters were painted for a set of twins turning three. I asked what their favorite colors were and found out a few things that they like: care bears and hot wheels. I used their favorite colors as the background and decorated with some motifs (hearts and flames) to match their current obsessions, but in a way that’s also timeless. That means these can hang up on their wall or doors for years to come!

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I started by picking up these wooden letters at a local store, only $3.99 each, (I had all of the paint and brushes already). If you don’t have paint, you can choose a few colors at the store, one for the main background and a few to decorate with. Paint pens are also helpful for decorating!

Not crafty? That’s ok! You can decorate with markers, stickers and glitter, you name it. A few paint stores offer free chip brushes if you don’t have any at home, or you can use a paper towel to wipe the paint on in thin layers.

Apply the background color, and once this is dry, pencil in your design and start painting. I used a paint pen to outline my designs and filled in some, then added details with other colors. Use a wet rag to wipe errors before they dry. Once your lovely decorations dry, add in the final touches. Go over borders with more paint or your paint pen and voila!

If you’d like this to last, paint on or spray a varnish or clear coat. I had an acrylic paint varnish that I used, just one thin layer that adds a subtle sheen and will protect the paint and make the letters easier to clean.

Spell full names and/or initials, or create the room adornments for a new arrival – ABC creates a lovely baby motif for your favorite little one.

This personalized and thoughtful gift makes the old saying true: it’s better to give than to receive!

Happy holidays!



About Becky Nimoy

Becky Nimoy is a Southern California native, residing in the small but lively Los Angeles port town of San Pedro, along with her high school sweetheart and husband, two baby boys (ages 2 years and 2 months), and their 3 cats. When she can manage it (having two boys is rough!), she loves to draw, bake, repaint the rooms and work in the garden. In her spare time she and the boys like to explore the many parks that San Pedro has to offer and hike on the horse trails of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. She is passionate about all things chocolate, eating organic as much as possible and using cloth diapers on her kids. She holds a B.S. in Art History from UCLA and a professional certificate in Interior Design through UCLA Extension. She freelances as an architectural draftsman and stationery designer.

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