Graduating from Everything

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Summer is upon us so let the fun begin. But before the summer break begins we’ve all been super swamped with “End of the Year” school parties. I have never seen more jumpy houses and hotdogs in my life. My daughter goes to two daycares since mom and dad both work from home. While having these two great schools in walking distance, she gets to have twice the fun each week. We were so lucky to watch her sing at two schools, walk across the stage and receive her two’s graduation diploma (yes, that’s a thing), and to top it all off, she graduated to her big girl bed.

The time just flies by and my almost three-year-old is potty trained and sleeps in a big girl bed. How did this happen? The transition from transforming her crib to her toddler bed, to a new big girl bed, was pretty easy. I believe in a slow long open communication between you and your toddler, preparing them for the upcoming changes. The more you talk about it, the more they get excited. I started the line of communicating for both potty training and big girl bed around 2 1/2 years old. In the beginning I would let her play outside in a dress with no panties. When she felt the urge and she didn’t realize she was going potty, she would feel something warm running down her leg. The freedom of being outside. She would recognize the feeling and would let us know that she didn’t like it. After playing outside, we’d put her diaper back on to play inside. We also kept her cute tiny pink potty next to the bath tub and started the routine of sitting on it before bath. Even if nothing happened, she sat there while I read.

The crib – to the toddler rail – to the big girl bed transition was much easier than potty training. I watched her in the monitor at night and noticed she was staying in one place through most of the night. She would wake up, sit up, and call for us to get her out in the morning. So, that’s when the toddler rail came off. It definitely gave her a sense of independence that she knew she could get up on her own. There were a few nights of her testing us by not staying in bed, but she broke that bad habit quickly and would stay in bed once we placed her there.

Now that she’s approaching three, my husband and I put an Ikea big girl bed together, placed a bunch of pillows around the edge, and prayed for the best. She was so excited to graduate to her big girl bed, that she jumped up and down on her bed and told just about everyone we came in contact with, that she was sleeping in her big girl bed. I think she had the most peaceful sleep her first night and actually slept in for us.

Everything is a graduation. And communication helps take the fear out of new things for kids and parents during that transition. So, embrace the adventure and see the positive changes.

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