Five Must-Haves for My Newborn

New parents may find themselves trying a variety of new products and ways to care for their newborn. If you have searched for baby products or read about them recently, you know how saturated the market is with baby products. As a new parent, you want only the best. Here are five things that helped me get through the first few weeks as a new mom and gave me the most bang for my buck.

Nail Filer

I don’t know about you, but cutting my daughter’s nails is one of the scariest things I thought I had to do when she was born – next to giving birth to her. And let’s be honest, those little mittens, no matter how small, cannot stay on a fidgety newborn. Your baby is guaranteed to scratch himself or herself with their untamed nails.

I have seen my share of nail clippers with the rubber or silicon guard and a guiding light, but nothing gave me the confidence that I wasn’t going to accidentally cut my baby. But then, I found an electric nail filer that has different grinding heads that will transition with your baby as they get older. Rather not splurge on an electric filer? Use a board nail filer that is small enough to gently trim your baby’s finger nails. Your baby is sure to have the best trimmed nails on the block!

Changing Table Liners

Whether you are using cloth diapers or disposable diapers, your baby will still have poopy and wet diapers. More importantly, it is better to recognize that they will have accidents while you are changing them. They are more likely to happen when you’re in a hurry to get to work or in the middle of the night when you’re half-awake. Maybe, you’ve stared at your baby for five minutes waiting for them to pee, only for them to go once they’re free from a diaper. My baby is only one month old and I’ve experienced all three within the first week.

Your baby’s ability to perfectly time these accidents make changing table liners a game-changer. They are quilted pads with an absorbent bamboo material on one side and a waterproof liner on the other side. When your baby has another accident, all you do is take the liner and toss it into the wash rather than cleaning the table, the changing table cover, and the baby. It decreases the amount of laundry! Remember, a dry baby and mommy are a happy baby and mommy!

Muslin Blankets

These are the jack of all trades in my mind. Muslin is a soft, cotton material made into blankets that are best known to swaddle newborns. While they are great for swaddling, I never use them for that purpose. Muslin blankets are great for daytime napping when you’re watching your baby or for covering your baby when they are in the car seat or stroller. They’re also excellent breastfeeding covers and the biggest burp cloth I can get my hands on. Added bonus? They are great to cover the buckles of your car seat or anything metal to avoid burning your baby or little ones!

Baby Carrier

We all fall in love with our little ones when we first meet them. One of the best things you can do is spend time and bond with your baby. Though, let’s be real, life doesn’t stop because you have a baby. Eventually, we need to clean the house, go back to work, or just get a free moment to ourselves.

By wearing your baby in a carrier, not only can you bond with your baby, but you can also free up your hands. Research shows that babies who are carried and experience skin-to-skin contact with their new parents have a more intimate relationship with their parents. The babies are also calmer and can transition to the outside world by recreating the womb experience. There are three main types of carriers: wraps, slings, and buckle carriers. They address different needs and are available at different price points, so it’s best to do the research, know their limits and instructions, and find help when you first start.

Baby Food Maker & Steamer

This one is a surprise, isn’t it?  Yes, you are either breastfeeding or formula feeding your baby. However, the Baby Bullet Super Mommy Bundle is an excellent value, and you are able to use the Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer right away. The steamer is not only for steaming food; it can also steam your bottles and all the parts that go with them. With a click of a button, you can sterilize your baby bottles and keep them safe. When your baby gets older, you can use the steamer for food prep. You can also puree fruits and vegetables for the purest baby food for your little one!

Caring for a newborn isn’t always easy, but it is worth every dirty diaper and sleepless night. As new parents, we want to give our babies the best, so we hope these five items help make parenting less stressful while also keeping your baby safe and happy!




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