The Emergency Car Pack

As parents, we’ve all been in a situation that plays out something like this. You’re driving in your car, your toddler is completely content in their car seat, and you find yourself actually enjoying the tunes humming from the radio. A cute little voice from the backseat breaks the silence with a request.

“Mommy, I need a tissue.”
“Mommy, I’m hungry.”
“Daddy, I want to color.”

My car is like my purse and has just about anything and everything in my middle console, glove box, or side pane that might be needed at a moment’s notice. A small packet of Goldfish crackers, tissues, car games, chapstick, etc… Since we are a two car family, and although my husband and I keep car seats in both of our cars, we both don’t always have the same necessities that might be requested at a moment’s notice. My husband learned this the hard way recently when he offered to drive our daughter Elle five hours for a family birthday. Solo. All by himself.

He packed her suitcase, her little potty for any bathroom breaks, plenty of snacks, drinks, toys, coloring books and the iPad was loaded with her favorite cartoons. Elle was a great passenger and was a complete angel. He even called me from the road to brag about how well it was going. He spoke too soon. About halfway through the drive, our daughter started getting squirmy and looked really uncomfortable. Before he could even offer her help, she throws up her milk and every single snack he had given her. She had gotten car sick and, although she was immediately relieved, she was also covered completely in puke – carseat and iPad included.

Fortunately, he was only a mile from a rest stop so he wouldn’t have to clean Elle and the car seat on the side of the highway. Out of everything he thought he would need and packed, he left out baby wipes, paper towels, and baggies. Using super thin rest stop toilet paper, bottled water, and one of his t-shirts, he managed to get Elle cleaned up and changed. But what to do with the soiled clothes? Luckily he found a ziplock bag of stickers and art supplies that he was able to repurpose as a quarantine for her stinky wet clothes.

This incident gave me the idea that I should prepare and keep an emergency car pack just for his car that can be used anytime. I took a large size ziplock bag and filled it with small snacks such as gummy fruit packs or Goldfish, mini bottles of water, travel wipes, band-aids for boo-boos, Neosporin, chapstick, and the large ziplock bag can be reused to store whatever mishap needs to be resealed for a thorough wash later. This also can be given to the grandparents when they’re on grandparent duty and might not always be prepared like a fulltime mom or dad.

What would you include in your emergency car pack?




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