To Elf or to Not Elf on the Shelf ?


Happy Holidays! Has your Elf come to visit your home yet? Elfy has come to visit our house, all the way from the north pole. If you are asking yourself: “What is this new man-made holiday that they call Elf on the Shelf?” Well, it’s a book that comes with a small stuffed magical elf. The elf visits your home on December 1st and stays until Christmas Day. The first thing your child has to do is to name your elf. Then the book describes elf’s origin, being sent directly from Santa just for your child, and that the elf has magical powers to fly back to the North Pole every night to report to Santa if you (being your child) have been good or naughty. Then the next morning the elf flies back to your house where he (or she) must settle into a new spot that your child will find in amazement and joy. This is the part where it gets kind of hard since it’s the parent’s job to be creative with placing elf in fun and unique situations.
I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures on social media of an elf finding himself surrounded by toy soldiers or having tea with dolls. Some parents have gotten very creative with placing their elf in very funny/mischievous situations such as making snow angels with the kitchen flour or getting stuck in a bag of marshmallows.

For busy parents, they can find it very stressful if they actually remember to move the elf after their child has gone to bed. I’ve had 5 AM panic attacks, kicking the covers off to rush to the living room to see if my husband has moved the elf before the kid wakes up. Ok, good, he did. Although maybe he got a little too creative as I find Elfy holding a permanent marker, sitting next to a picture of my husband who now has a marker-drawn mustache and nerdy glasses over his face.

But put all the stress aside. Once you open this book and read the fun and magical story of Christmas with your kids, and seeing the joy on your child’s face while you read, it will put you in the Christmas spirit.

There is a dispute that some parents think an elf shouldn’t be teaching their kids to be good and that our children should be good all year long. That’s an absolutely valid point. But if you’re already capturing the magic of Christmas with Santa, this is just another way to have fun and remind your kids to be good, that someone is watching and noting their behavior. You can segue this idea after Christmas by noting that their teachers will be watching to see if they’re good or bad. And even their friends.
All parents are trying to raise good children. We just need support, encouragement, and sometimes creativity to do just that. If an Elf on a Shelf helps, while also creating holiday memories, I say it’s only pushing your child in a positive direction.




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