Do You Baby Wear?

My daughter is 3 now and the topic of baby wearing recently came up between myself and a friend. I loved to wear my daughter all the time. If it was in the house doing chores, taking walks around the neighborhood, or at the store shopping, I enjoyed her close to my chest as I narrated to her what I was doing. Everyone I seem to talk to about this, including my friends, said they loved it too. I did have a few friends who said that wearing their baby was not for them. The baby was always screaming, or it was to hot and uncomfortable. And that’s okay.

As you can tell, I was a huge fan of wearing my daughter. If you’re on the fence about it, read on for some tips and benefits.

6 Benefits of Baby Wearing

  1. It helps promote healthy mental and physical development as your movements stimulate his own physical response and balance. Infants spend so much time on their backs or bellies, that sitting upright in a sling is comfortable for them.
  2. It counts as tummy-time.
  3. Babies tend to cry and fuss less as your warmth and security can make them happy.
  4. Eases the discomfort of reflux as upright carrying massages your baby’s abdomen.
  5. Keeping the baby close to you can reduce the risk of SIDS and give you peace of mind.
  6. You get an amazing bond with your baby cause who doesn’t love to cuddle their sweet little baby?

Now the difficult part of baby wearing is choosing the right sling. With padding? Without? American vs European? What worked for me didn’t work for my friend and vice versa. I suggest you walk into your local baby store or boutique and try several on. And I hope when you find that right one, that it brings you that extra level of attachment that both baby and parent can enjoy together.




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