DIY Stainless Steel Cleaner

We finally moved into our new house, which was BEYOND overdue and BEYOND exciting. Once we got situated, I realized I was faced with a new challenge: how to clean a house with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. I buckled down to research what cleaning ingredients I could and could not use on stainless steel and granite, only to discover, horror or horrors, that I COULD NOT use vinegar on either surface. Come again? Say what? Vinegar is the only trick I have up my sleeve. After regaining my composure, I focused on coming up with Plan B.

Reluctant to DIY and scar or etch the brand new surfaces, my first option was sucking it up, paying the price and buying organic sprays. The first brand bothered my throat and did have artificial fragrance in it. The second brand worked well, didn’t bother me, but cost an ever-loving fortune and didn’t sterilize, just shined and polished, so I was back to square one. I wasn’t willing to devote any more time or money to cleaning products that were not meeting my needs anyway.

Ultimately, I came up with a sanitizing spray for granite and a stainless steel polish that I just love. The results are outstanding and both recipes have zero impact on the environment, my allergies and my wallet. Now we’re talking! The best part? I was able to whip up both cleaners with ingredients I already had on hand.

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Sanitizing Granite Spray

  • ½ cup vodka
  • ½ cup water
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil

Simply put all ingredients in a spray bottle and give it a good shake. It’s that easy! (Remember to label your bottles! If you have the time, a printable label looks adorable; if you don’t have the time, a Sharpie does the trick!)


Shining Stainless Polish

  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 10 drops orange essential oil

Put ingredients in a small squeeze bottle for this recipe and shake it up – a little goes a long way. You can also just buff it with a cloth for a few cleanings afterward.


Whatever your household needs, if you are committed to keeping it cheap and natural, there is always a way. For under 2 bucks, I was able to mix up over a month’s worth of cleaning solutions! After many dollars spent, it’s quite satisfying to be cleaning and shining my surfaces for mere cents!




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Born and raised in rural Connecticut , Becky DeMattia-Jha attended Salve Regina University in Newport, RI, and has her M.Ed. She has been teaching high school English for 15 years and currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband, their two children, and their German Shepherd. She spends her precious summer vacations indulging in passions other than literature: serving as a lactation peer coach, practicing herbal medicine, organic gardening, making natural cleansers and cosmetics, and preparing quick and easy organic recipes for her family. She hopes to share her efficient, chemical-free, eco-conscious, frugal, and simplistic homemaking and homesteading tips with you.

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