DIY Lip Gloss with Your Toddlers

My daughter Elle loves to sit in my lap while I put on my makeup. Of course she wants to imitate and do exactly like her mommy, so I give her a small chap stick to put on her lips while I apply my lipstick. She loves to smear it on, smack her lips in front of the mirror, and then run into the other room to show her daddy. It’s the cutest thing. She will do this over and over and I think it’s the taste of the cherry-flavored chapstick that makes her keep applying it over and over until I have to remind her to save some for later.

It inspired me to make homemade flavored chapstick as the process could be something fun we could do together. It’s rather simple and all you need is some Vaseline, flavored fruit punch packets, and small ingredient-size bowls. We spooned out a little Vaseline into the small bowls and then sprinkled in a little bit of the colored fruit packet. We stirred a small bowl of sweet-smelling grape, cherry, and even watermelon flavored Vaseline until each bowl turned into it’s respective color. It was fun watching her discover the various textures. From the greasy smoothness of the Vaseline to the powdered sweetness of the flavored packets. Be careful though, once they get a small lick of the powder you’ll find yourself fighting off your toddler wanting to eat more. And all parents biggest headache is having an over-sugared toddler bouncing off the ceiling.

I cleaned out several small eye shadow cases that were old and empty and we put each flavor into their own case. We placed our eye shadow cases into the freezer and in a few hours, we had our very own, yummy flavored lip balm! Along with the fun memory of making them together.



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