Cute Baby of the Day

What started as just one or two photos from proud parents of their little ones eating yummy Baby Bullet purées has quickly grown into our Cute Baby of the Day series on our Baby Bullet Facebook page – a daily shout out to some of our happiest little clients. We get hundreds of photo submissions every week of precious babies and, everyday, someone on our staff picks their favorite photo to be featured. From cuties in adorable costumes, to bath time, to the funny faces they make, we love every photo we receive and wish each one of these cuties could be chosen for our fans to see!

And now that Cute Baby of the Day is so popular, you might be left wondering: How do I get my Little One to be chosen as Cute Baby of the Day? Well, we don’t have set rules for how we choose each day’s winner – but here are some guidelines to follow to increase your chances of getting picked:

  • Your baby isn’t blurry, their photos shouldn’t be either!
  • Angry or fussy babies don’t usually make the cut – unless their fussy face is unique or funny. Use your judgement!
  • Avoid dark, overexposed, or oddly-cropped photos.
  • Professional photos are precious – but we prefer real, personal, and candid shots.
  • Don’t post photos of your baby everyday. These start to become spam, and no matter how beautiful your baby is, it’s annoying.

Once you’ve chosen a photo, upload it directly on the wall of our Facebook page. Different members of our Baby Bullet staff pick their favorite photo each day, sometimes based entirely on their instinctual reaction, sometimes deeply analyzed for symmetrical facial perfection, chubbiness of cheeks, presence of dimples, placement of food on and around baby’s lips – there’s just no telling. 🙂

What if you follow these guidelines and your LO still hasn’t been chosen? You’re always welcome to keep trying. Understand that we receive countless photos – scroll down our Facebook posts to see for yourself! – and unfortunately, we can’t choose every single one. Think we’re rigging this contest? (Yes, there have been folks who ACTUALLY think we rig this…) Well, we don’t. We don’t know that many babies and, frankly, we don’t have that much time on our hands.

And, lastly, don’t agree with our choice of Cute Baby of the Day? We’ll refer you to the old saying: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Negative comments will get deleted and the person who says them may get banned from our page. (This includes: “My baby’s way cuter!” Good for you. A million other parents would feel the same about their little ones after seeing yours.) Please refrain from judging other parents; we can assume all photos are taken with adult supervision and that each parent is a responsible, loving, and caring one.

That’s all for now, folks! We can’t wait to see your adorable kiddos on our page; good luck!

-Baby Bullet Team




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  1. Hi, I’m trying to

  2. Hi how do I upload my baby picx

  3. I uploaded my pic but it does not show on your page. Please help

  4. How do I upload my babys pix

  5. Ileana Jaime says:

    I posted my baby’s picture on your wall and it was immediately deleted… 🙁 is that how it works?

    • Baby Bullet says:

      Hi Ileana! We never delete photos, unless they’re uploaded multiple times, or are in some form vulgar… If it didn’t show up on our wall, wait a few minutes, and then try uploading again. It may have been a technical glitch!

  6. Patricia Stanton says:

    I tried to post it pic on the fb page but I can only do it through a message, there s any other way

  7. Bobbi-Jo Wagner says:

    will I only see my picture on your page if its been chosen because I don’t want to spam you but I don’t know if you’re actually getting the picture or not

  8. Great info. Thanks I will post my baby photo soon

  9. Jennyfet says:

    Its the first time i try to put my babys picc on the facebook page and it wont work can you help me? Its says it has been uploaded but wont show up on the page

    • Baby Bullet says:

      Hi Jenny! Try giving it a few minutes to load. As long as it says the photo was uploaded, it should be fine. Other people have had this issue, too – then they keep trying until we get 10 posts of the same photo! If you don’t see it after waiting a while, feel free to give it another try. 🙂

  10. samantha says:

    i don’t know where to post contest picture’s??

  11. If you submit a photo is it only good for that day? And you have to submit one every day? Or does the photo stay entered for a certain amount of days?

  12. what happened to the photo cute baby of the day Monday, 22 April ? 🙁 … I dont understand

    • an why did you blocked me? tell me please 🙁

      • I’am waiting 🙁

        • Baby Bullet says:

          Hi Lyda! We’re not sure. If the person who originally posted the photo takes it down, it tends to disappear from our wall. The little one’s parent must have taken it down, that’s the only thing we can guess!

          • It’s me the person who posted the photo of my baby and you chose for the cute baby of the day and now no is there and I no take it down !! and i can’t to write on you wall because you blocked me .. humm no understand why .. my name is lyda duque thanks you

        • Baby Bullet says:

          Did you post a lot at once? We only block people who spam, so if you uploaded too many photos, that may have happened. We’ll find you and figure it out! 🙂

  13. Do I just send the picture to uour facebook page then?

  14. brittany says:

    Do you get notified if you’re chosen?

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