Food and the Social Experience

Yesterday, we went to a Celtic Festival in southern Maryland and my daughter’s friend asked her to try some funnel cake. When my kid had no idea what that was, her friend balked. “You’ve never had funnel cake before?! You need to try it!” “What’s it taste like?” “Kind of like an old-fashioned donut.” My […]

Why Do Babies Walk So Funny?

It’s so common for parents to be concerned about baby’s feet and legs during the first 3 years of life. Why, you ask? Because little ones are all over the map in the way they walk until the muscles and supporting structures necessary to carry them fully through life develop. After all, baby spends 9 […]

5 Ways to Promote Baby’s Speech and Language

Promoting your child’s speech and language development is crucial from the very beginning – this will lay the foundation for the rest of their learning, all the way through adulthood! While learning word associations, cadence patterns, and more, their little minds start growing, and communication starts becoming engrained. Here are a few ways to help […]

Reading is the

As every new parent (hopefully) knows, it’s important to read to your kids as early as possible. Even while your baby is in the womb, reading out loud can help them recognize your voice. As soon as they’re born, start reading to them out loud and often. They say babies can actually retain words and […]

Dr. Leonard Sax and the Collapse of Parenting

Every now and then there is some expert that comes out with a provocative viewpoint on parenting that makes headlines. In the 70’s, it was Dr. Spock. In the 90’s and early 2000’s, it was Dr. Sears. Most recently, it’s been Dr. Leonard Sax, an American psychologist and practicing family physician. And his headlines are eye-catching […]

Are You Spoiling Your Little One?

As a new parent, I want the best things for my little baby girl. I love making sure she eats organic, plays with safe toys, and uses eco-friendly products. She’s my first child and I hear it all changes with the second. And I think as they get older, we as parents change, as well. It […]

What I Wish They Taught in Schools

My 7-year-old barges into conversations. No matter how many times I ask her to wait, to listen, or to be patient, she basically doesn’t comprehend that information and still does it anyway. She also has trouble meeting people’s eyes. Often times this can be interpreted as rudeness or disrespect. And these are just one of […]

Fathers Do Not Babysit

I need to take a moment to rant about an epidemic I’m hearing lately that really grinds my gears. My issue, you ask? When people say a father is “babysitting” the kids. When did this become an acceptable thing to say in the 21st century? Just to be clear: my husband has never and would […]

Sleep Doesn’t Come Cheap

I really like sleep. I mean, I really, really like it. Other adjectives I can use in regards to my nocturnal behavior include, but are not limited to: covet, adore, enjoy, worship, relish. According to National Geographic’s documentary “Sleepless in America,” 40 percent of Americans are sleep deprived. How many of those do you think […]

Dads: The Importance of Being a Pop

“My plan,” mom explained to me in the car yesterday, “was to get home before your father, clean the house, prepare the food, and have everything ready for him by the time he came home. And I did the same when I became a mom. But times have changed.” This was the dynamic between my […]