Making Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple juice

Since I am in the throes of savoring all things fall and enjoying as many spiced ciders and pumpkin lattes as I can keep down, I figured now would be a great time to share an apple cider recipe you can actually enjoy all year – in the form of vinegar. For those of you […]

All Natural DIY Air Freshener


Do you want your home to have that warm, welcoming smell, like Pottery Barn or William Sonoma stores have? Try this all natural air freshener that will brighten your home without the polluting, allergenic fragrances and chemicals of wall plugins or scented candles. I myself am allergic to perfume and fragrance, so this is especially […]

My Hair is Green!

hair curling iron

While I have been able to seamlessly find natural, organic, and/or green replacements for basically all of my personal care needs, I was holding out in one area: my hair. Now, I’ve tried hundreds of different organic and green hair products, but I really haven’t been thrilled with the results. Until now, that is. You […]

Cooling Growing Pain Spray

Girl Playing With Exercise Ball

My five year-old son is growing like a weed these days. He is eating everything in sight and all of his pants are getting way too short, both of which are tell-tale signs of long nights ahead. As with many kids, whenever he is in the throes of a growth spurt, he suffers from horrible […]

Making Your Own Rosewater and Rose Oil


Legend has it that Emperor Djihanguyr once ordered all the fountains and canals in his gardens to be filled with rosewater  in order to celebrate his marriage to Nour Djihan. Dreamily floating down the canal, her hand trailed in the rose water, the scent lingered on her hands, and humanity began its love affair with […]

Garden Variety Vinegar

garden variety feat

I am fairly convinced that distilled white vinegar is the nectar of the gods! I fell in love with vinegar when I purged my home of all toxic chemicals and cleansers years ago and I have never looked back. If I have a particularly yucky or potentially disease-spreading spill, I do keep a spray bottle […]

Preggo No-Nos in the Kitchen!

Assortment of vitamin pills

It’s very easy to maintain a pre-pregnancy and pregnancy diet that is healthy and supports both the needs of mother and baby. But there are few foods and other things around your kitchen that should be avoided in order to reduce risk of abnormal development, miscarriage, or a sick baby (or mom): 1. Big Fish – […]

The Microwave Went to Heaven


Our microwave broke on Christmas Day. Out of the clear blue it started beeping and honking, then, just as quickly, fell silent. Evidently, the keypad died. Who knew, right? Considering we were having 15 people over for Christmas dinner later that day, my husband was worried that we wouldn’t be able to replace it right […]

My Goals for the New Year

new year

I am not very big on New Year’s resolutions. Honestly, I kind of hate the holiday. I have never been one to stay up late and I am always cold in those spangly, sequiny dresses we’re supposed to wear in the dead of winter. I am a New Englander; I pretty much wear L.L. Bean […]

Avoiding Carrageenan with Homemade Almond Milk


As I mentioned last month, nothing is as disturbing as consuming something for months, years even, thinking it was healthful, only to realize that “current research” has shown the ingredient or the food itself is harmful. As you know, I began making my own yogurt for this reason. Last month, I decided that we will […]