The Microwave Went to Heaven


Our microwave broke on Christmas Day. Out of the clear blue it started beeping and honking, then, just as quickly, fell silent. Evidently, the keypad died. Who knew, right? Considering we were having 15 people over for Christmas dinner later that day, my husband was worried that we wouldn’t be able to replace it right [...]

My Goals for the New Year

new year

I am not very big on New Year’s resolutions. Honestly, I kind of hate the holiday. I have never been one to stay up late and I am always cold in those spangly, sequiny dresses we’re supposed to wear in the dead of winter. I am a New Englander; I pretty much wear L.L. Bean [...]

Avoiding Carrageenan with Homemade Almond Milk


As I mentioned last month, nothing is as disturbing as consuming something for months, years even, thinking it was healthful, only to realize that “current research” has shown the ingredient or the food itself is harmful. As you know, I began making my own yogurt for this reason. Last month, I decided that we will [...]

Consider Giving Homemade Gifts this Year


While the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, they also can become the most stressful and, most definitely, the most expensive. Why not use this holiday season to dip your stocking into natural living? It’s rewarding, cheap, fun, healthful and environmentally-friendly. The best part? You can make some and keep some for [...]

Safe Packaged Tomatoes: BPA-Free Options


The debate over the chemical Bisphenol-A began raging about 6 years ago when my first son was an infant. At the time, BPA, as it’s called for short, was found in everything from hard plastic baby bottles to pacifiers, causing major concern. As the debate hit a fever pitch, companies (and even entire countries!) took [...]

The Best Foods for Breastfeeding Mamas


While dreaming about motherhood and all of the amazing things that I imagined would come along with it, breastfeeding seemed so natural and beautiful. But what happens when it’s not as easy and natural as you expect? Breastfeeding just doesn’t come as simply to some as it does to others. I know as, sadly, I [...]

Tea for Tots


All About Tea for Tots As the weather gets cooler, I find myself pouring more and more cups of warm tea—for myself and my kids, too. That’s right! My kids drink tea. Non-caffeinated, of course. But still: I’ve gotten so many strange looks about serving my kids tea that I finally had to look into [...]

Mothers, Spas, and Self-Esteem


How was your self-esteem after giving birth to your child? Would a free spa treatment lighten your load and make you feel better about yourself? While we’re not in cahoots with the spa organization that put this infographic together, it does contain some pretty interesting information. Thirty-seven percent of women have low self-esteem during pregnancy [...]

Throwing a Green Party


Throwing your child a birthday party can be a rite of passage for them, but it also means you’ll be throwing away a lot of paper and food waste. It can be hard on the environment, not to mention hard on your wallet. Expensive wrapping paper, paper plates and cups, ribbons and balloons, these are [...]

Mommy & Me Workout

This is one tough mommy! Maia Rodriguez was headed off to basic training, so she thought she’d do a little basic training around the house with her little ones, Linnea and baby Rowan, in tow. Not only did Mommy get an excellent workout, but her children had fun, too! Watch this video and let us [...]