What I Wish They Taught in Schools

Little Asian girl having science class, focus on face

My 7-year-old barges into conversations. No matter how many times I ask her to wait, to listen, or to be patient, she basically doesn’t comprehend that information and still does it anyway. She also has trouble meeting people’s eyes. Often times this can be interpreted as rudeness or disrespect. And these are just one of […]

Fathers Do Not Babysit


I need to take a moment to rant about an epidemic I’m hearing lately that really grinds my gears. My issue, you ask? When people say a father is “babysitting” the kids. When did this become an acceptable thing to say in the 21st century? Just to be clear: my husband has never and would […]

Orange is the New Black

Bedtime colorful illustration with the snoozing moon and sheep

So, at the tender age of 2.11, I have officially dropped the hammer on my sweet, unsuspecting daughter. She has been waking up at least 2-3 times a night, every night, since the day she was born and I have had enough. I kept thinking she would outgrow it, she was going through a growth […]

Toddlers and PMS Don’t Mix


Confession time: I’m not perfect when it comes to raising our son. My husband and I strive not to lose our patience with our toddler and not raise our voices, but it has been incredibly difficult as of late for me, especially with a baby weaning and my hormones all over the place. My baby’s teething and started […]

My Parenting “Don’t” List


I’ve had many different parents with many different parenting styles over to my house over the years, and it’s a real treat to watch their dynamic. More often than not, it’s the child and not the parent who calls the shots. At dinner time, the child asks for something else to eat. I don’t say […]

The Restaurant Rodeo

child at restaurant

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a chair at a restaurant, spaghetti sauce all over my shirt, parmesan cheese crumbs all over my lap, with a writhing two year-old whimpering and fussing on my lap. I looked at my husband across the table and firmly declared, “I am NOT going to another restaurant […]

Kinder Kind


Since starting elementary school six months ago, my eldest daughter Gemma has two gaps in her front teeth, reads “Bob Books” to her sisters, writes secret languages in her diary and has arranged a marriage between herself and six other kids. (In Utah, natch). She ties her own shoes. She wears an amulet to school. […]



My three and a half year old has massive fits. Well, she’s three and nine months – so if I’m being honest, she’s pushing four. Her tantrums are so major that she’ll thrash around for a half hour, become inconsolable and virtually shut off from the rest of the world. Here’s an example: this past […]

Running on Empty


I had a hard time coming up with a topic for this month’s post, mostly because I feel as if I can’t catch my breath. When a friend asked me how it was all going, I was honest: “Fantastic. In love with the kids. But I feel as if I’m running on empty.” If I’m […]

Food Fight! How strict is too strict?


Food, as a topic, is inherently controversial but it’s even more polarizing when people talk about it in relation to their kids. Even feeding at its most primal level, nursing, makes national headlines, ie, this month’s Time Magazine cover. Personally, I think the shock value was absurd and have no problem with a mom’s breast-feeding […]