Raising Mozart

child piano

Sitting down to coffee with an old friend this month, the discussion turned to babies. Now this is mainly due to the fact that he is expecting his first child this year (Whoot!). And while he’d be happy with a strong, healthy baby, he admitted that he rather hoped it would be a girl. “Why?”  I [...]

Making Dog Cakes and Treats with the Baby Bullet

dog birthday

Our German Shepherd Lunetta Braun van der Mitzi, also known as “Lulu,” holds a very special place in our hearts. She was the bridge between our carefree lives and our overwhelmingly responsible lives. She also filled a very important and significant void in our lives when we struggled to start a family. So we spoil [...]

Make Every Day Valentine’s Day

Mother's love

We are in the throes of an Arctic blast here in Massachusetts! In fact, the temperature was -14 when I left the house for work this morning. It is so cold that my hair actually froze while I was walking from my car into school today. My hair was soaking wet for one simple reason: [...]

Ryan Maps it Out

Ryan maps it out

Military mom Maia Rodriguez shows us how she spends her afternoons with baby Ryan – learning about maps and aquatic life! How do you spend quality time with your little one?

Don’t Rush Me!


I admit, I am routinely criticized for not ruling my children with more of an iron fist. I don’t even know what an iron fist is, but it sounds mean and hard and cold. I will Google it. Regardless of what it means, I am always surprised at how hard we are on kids. I [...]

Toddler Star Wars

Toddler Star Wars

Baby Bullet blogger Maia Rodriguez and her son Rowan narrate Star Wars for us. Warning – this version contains baby sharks. You’ve been warned.

Getting Ready for Baby’s First Class

baby and me

Whether your young one is entering her first Mommy and Baby class or starting preschool, there are a few things parents can do to prepare for these memorable milestones. If you and  your baby are ready to delve into the Parent and Me/Mommy and Me universe, take a few moments to check out a variety [...]

Go Team!

Little Soccer Player Stretching

We’ve all heard about the benefits of team sports – just ask my former pro-baseball playing husband and he’ll wax poetic about spirit, conflict resolution, bonding, blah, blah, blah. And while in theory he hates the idea of putting children in a competitive situation, the minute he heard about a girl’s kindergarten soccer team, he [...]

Shy Babies and Words of Encouragement

shy baby

Alas, my darling little granddaughter is a very timid one-year-old. She’s cuter than cute and I just want to eat her up. I want to snuggle my nose in her clean little neck. I want to walk around holding her on my hip, pointing out interesting things. I want her to sit on my lap [...]

Are We Turning into Wall-E?


I saw this picture yesterday of a family gathered together for Easter Sunday. About seven of them were lined along the couch, all looking at their cell phones.   No one was interacting with anyone else. Is our society turning into the movie Wall-E? For those of you who may have never seen the film, it’s [...]