Superman and Tinker Bell Have a Tea Party


It’s possibly the cutest tea party you’ve ever seen – a tea party with water, that is! Baby Bullet blogger Maia Rodriguez shows us her kids at play for a little bit of Friday fun. Do your kids have tea parties?

Car Wash Kid

car wash kid

Who said washing your car had to be a hassle? Although kids can sometimes make getting work done more difficult, sometimes we’re presented with the opportunity to include them in on the fun – and yes, they can even make chores fun! Check out how Baby Bullet blogger Maia Rodriguez spends her afternoons.

Easy Peasy Bed Fort


Are you running out of ideas about how to entertain your toddler, especially late on a Friday afternoon? Our son Oliver loves playing on our bed and getting under the covers, screaming “hide in there!” Some times, at 5:30 a.m. when he’s pulling all our blankets off, I usually get annoyed, but today he was [...]

Playtime with Darth Rowan

darth rowan

Baby Bullet blogger Maia Rodriguez shows us her son Rowan’s dark side. Who knew playtime with Darth Vader could be such a blast?

Making Your Own Insect Repellant


Camping, boating, hiking, sipping cocktails on the deck… you name an outdoor activity, and we probably like it. We are a fairly outdoorsy bunch, ESPECIALLY in the summer! The one downside of spending so much time outside is that we are constantly worrying about insects. When we were little, mosquitoes used to simply drive us [...]

Making Homemade Sunscreen

diy home sunscreen

Well, school is out in less than two weeks and the tents, boats, kayaks, pool noodles, and beach umbrellas are ready to rock! The lazy days of summer with the fam are something I eagerly anticipate all year long. Our schedules are free, our feet are bare, bedtime is negotiable, and the potential for ice [...]

Water Safety and Your Little Ones


It’s almost summertime and that means it’s time to freshen up on our water safety! Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among children 1-4 years of age and it is the second leading cause of death for children from 5-14 years old. Just last summer, 203 children died from drowning between Memorial Day [...]

The Ice Kingdom

ice kingdom

Baby Bullet blogger Maia Rodriguez introduces us to her son’s magical Ice Kingdom – have a look around!

Tiny Plots for Tiny Tots

toddler gardening

One of the best parts of living New England is watching the slow process of spring unfolding before our eyes. The very last bit of snow melted from the yard this weekend and the crocuses are starting to free themselves from the frozen ground. As most gardeners can attest, this is the most exciting time [...]

Raising Mozart

child piano

Sitting down to coffee with an old friend this month, the discussion turned to babies. Now this is mainly due to the fact that he is expecting his first child this year (Whoot!). And while he’d be happy with a strong, healthy baby, he admitted that he rather hoped it would be a girl. “Why?”  I [...]