Summertime Safety

Grilling at summer weekend

Summertime triggers an American ritual: the rolling out of the grills, the dusting off of the patio furniture, and the beginning of BBQ season! Unfortunately, each year, many hungry participants end up bent over the porcelain throne, suffering from the ill effects of grill-side grubbing. Why? With most of us grazing our way through lazy [...]

Dads Deserve More Credit


In a recent article from Huffington Post, a clear and obvious statement was made: Dads deserve more credit! But, more importantly, there’s science to prove it! Lots has been said about the bond a mother and child share, but studies show the bond between a father and child can be just as important. Playtime helps [...]

When the House Finally Sells

dog on deck

The offer that changed the game came in as we were drying off from taking a dip in the pool. Just like that, our home was sold. Well, “under agreement” or “contingent” as they like to say, but, in that very moment, our home sorta, kinda became someone else’s and it sorta, kinda simultaneously feels [...]

Decoding our Digital Footprints

NPR digital footprint

How many times have you been at the playground and then saw your kid doing something cute? You probably thought to yourself, “Hey, I should snap a picture of this and post it on Facebook!” I do this more often than I realize. And so as I was driving home from work the other day [...]

The Restaurant Rodeo

child at restaurant

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a chair at a restaurant, spaghetti sauce all over my shirt, parmesan cheese crumbs all over my lap, with a writhing two year-old whimpering and fussing on my lap. I looked at my husband across the table and firmly declared, “I am NOT going to another restaurant [...]

Family Rules!


A few weeks ago, my husband and I had a “sit-down” with my in-laws about some family rules that were causing disagreement. Specifically: please only buy presents on birthdays and Hanukkah. And also, please choose organic when you have the opportunity. And yet somehow these requests triggered a larger debate – er – conversation about [...]

Easing Into Unloading


Now that we have a new house under construction, I am in full-blown get our house on the market and get packing mode, which, as many of you know, is no easy feat. We have ten years, two dogs, and two children’s worth of “stuff and things” in pretty much every nook and cranny of [...]

Super ‘Sitter

babysitter feat

A few years ago, we had a nanny who missed a total of 85 days of work in just two years. She’d call the moment she was due to arrive at our house, claiming her car broke down, her dog was lost, she had to take her neighbor’s friend’s cousin to the emergency room….One Friday [...]

Immersion: The Gift of a Second Language


Tomorrow we look at a school for our daughter (now 6) that will potentially make her bilingual. Immersion programs have been a swift growing hot commodity in public school systems since 1971. And it’s a pretty intensive program in the sense that children are spoken to in the second language either for half the day or [...]

Identity Theft


Every one of my mom friends has some kind of identity crisis after motherhood strikes. Before baby, you’re closely tied to your profession, business, and brand (that Instagram shot was so her) and after baby, you’re left thinking, let’s take it down a notch and actually spend some time with my kid. (“Spend time” not [...]