Work and Home Balance

Mother embracing her little girl before leaving to work

I’m on a bus with twenty-five people. I’m traveling through Florida. This happens once a year for my job. It’s only about 22 days, but it’s 22 days of my husband being a single parent to our children. It’s hard not to feel guilty. While I’m grateful for my job, I feel like I’m missing out on this parenting thing. Is it possible […]

Reunited and It Feels So Good


After moving and attempting to get settled into a new house right before Christmas, our family routines and rituals were majorly disturbed. Our eating and cooking habits are what took the hardest hit. With all the goodies associated with the holidays and all the convenience foods associated with moving and unpacking, we definitely have been […]

The Letter That Won My Home

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.52.15 PM

The following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to the current owners of our new house in an effort for them to accept our offer. I share this with the world because: Our home is what shapes us from our earliest years. Everyone should have a good home. For families who move a […]

What I Learned From Spock


“I think it’s my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess my attitude is, let the chips fall where they may.” -Leonard Nimoy Though the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy was not a shock – he was 83, after all – it was nonetheless a shudder felt across the world. My children might have no […]

Orange is the New Black

Bedtime colorful illustration with the snoozing moon and sheep

So, at the tender age of 2.11, I have officially dropped the hammer on my sweet, unsuspecting daughter. She has been waking up at least 2-3 times a night, every night, since the day she was born and I have had enough. I kept thinking she would outgrow it, she was going through a growth […]

To Have and To Hold

child and mother-happy together

So, I have a confession to make that just might get mommies up in arms, so I am going to get it out of the way straightaway: I am getting really sick of holding my daughter. I know, I know. I will be longing to hold her again when she is grown up, and I […]

Letting Go (Just a Little…)

Mother and daughter in garden, daughter blows birthday candles out

Ever since my oldest daughter started first grade – about six months ago – it’s been a study for me in letting go. She’s really becoming her own person, complete with her own opinions and her own style. Last year when she turned six, she begged me for an American Girl party. At first, I […]



I’ve been following Bryan and Lesley’s journey with their daughter, Cecilia, for the last year now. Admittedly, I have those “I’m-feeling-sorry-for-myself” moments in life, but then I get the latest update about Cecilia and gain some perspective. When you’re in good health, it’s easy to take daily things for granted, like being able to walk […]

Bringing Out the Mama Bear

Little girl sharing her milk at coffee shop

I have been known to have a bit of an Italian temper, but nothing grinds my gears and unleashes the beast like people being rude, mean, or otherwise resentful of my children’s existence. I am talking about those people who are either out without their kids, or just simply can’t tolerate the fact that kids […]

Confessions of an Introvert

Woman using her Mobile Phone in the street, night light environm

“I was born as a forest, but I feel overwhelmed by all these trees.” –The Lady Fidgets Disclosure: I wish I’d had a survival guide for getting through the holidays for the introverted personality. Marrying into a large family means Christmas was all about get togethers, huge dinners, events, and copious amounts of small talk. […]