No Vice New Year

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While resolutions are really not my thing, I still use the month of January as an opportunity to reflect honestly and critically on the choices I’m making in my life. Am I headed down a path that makes me proud and brings me joy? Am I treating my body with the respect and honor is […]

Pregnancy Issues: Looking Through a Fun House Mirror

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a girlfriend about her body image. She’s just entering her third trimester and she basically feels completely mortified by her body. She can’t help but feel like people are staring at her and there is nothing beautiful to her about being pregnant. I sat there listening, thinking, […]

Baby’s First Flight

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Call us brave, I don’t know, but we survived our first flight from Los Angeles to New York with a toddler and a 7-month-old. I tried reading up on all the different tips beforehand and we settled on keeping our load lighter, rather than over-preparing for every possible scenario. We checked 3 bags and carried […]

Love is Christmas


I don’t care if the carpet’s stained We’ve got food upon the table I don’t care if it’s gonna rain Our little room is warm and stable Love is who we are And no season can contain it Love would never fall for that. These are the lyrics to a 2011 Sara Bareilles song entitled […]

Hand-Painted Letters for Christmas

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These hand-painted letters are a meaningful and affordable gift that you can make for children and adults alike! Easy to make, beautiful, and totally personalized, they’re an easy way to cross every gift off your holiday present list. These particular letters were painted for a set of twins turning three. I asked what their favorite […]

It Figures: Ideas for Making Fabulous Stuff With Figurines

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If your kids are anything like mine, they have loads of tiny cars, dolls, party favors, and figurines that they love for a about a week, then these collectibles accumulate in every bin in the house, ultimately collecting nothing but dust. Whenever I decide I am going to clean-house and get rid of the buggers, […]

Saving Your Sanity This Holiday Season

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Well, here is it: December 1st– the kick off of the most awesome, amazing, and horrifyingly stressful time of year. Each year, I try to get ahead of things, I try to have all my proverbial ducks in a line in order to sit back and enjoy the holidays, only to forget 80 things, two […]

Hideous Mommy Moments

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About a week or so ago, I had such a meltdown in the public bathroom at the local YMCA that I thought I ruptured a blood vessel in my eye and I still felt guilty about it the next day. Yes, my kids were being unruly, loud, and uncooperative. And yes, my son refused to […]

The Horse on the Ledge

Mom and son playing with paper boats by the lake. Warm filter and film effect

Now that school has started up and the fall season is upon us, I’m starting to get my annual panicky feeling. Despite the fact that fall is my favorite season, this feeling arrives at the same time every year. Maybe it’s all the change I see in the world around me as the leaves turn colors […]

First Week of School

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School started this week! For many parents, this means the end of hectic summer plans and rejoicing in their much-needed quiet time and routine schedule. For some, it may even look like this. For me, while school brings much-needed rest, it won’t be fully quiet for a while – for the first time, I’ll get to spend lots of […]