The Horse on the Ledge

Mom and son playing with paper boats by the lake. Warm filter and film effect

Now that school has started up and the fall season is upon us, I’m starting to get my annual panicky feeling. Despite the fact that fall is my favorite season, this feeling arrives at the same time every year. Maybe it’s all the change I see in the world around me as the leaves turn colors […]

First Week of School

IMG_0773 copy

School started this week! For many parents, this means the end of hectic summer plans and rejoicing in their much-needed quiet time and routine schedule. For some, it may even look like this. For me, while school brings much-needed rest, it won’t be fully quiet for a while – for the first time, I’ll get to spend lots of […]

Holding Hands Hoopla


A few days ago, I accidentally stirred up a bit of a ruckus on the internet about the First Family. After taking a look at an article about how Michelle Obama and Malia dress alike, I noticed that they are holding hands in many, if not most, of the photographs. I commented, “She holds hands a […]

The Painful Process of Packing Lunch


Now that the glorious dog days of summer have passed us by and the hustle and bustle of school buses, soccer practices, and dance lessons has begun, many of us are finding ourselves up to our ears in tasks, chores, and things to get done. I have no idea why, but the evening ritual of […]

When I Grow Up…

Young man and his little son preparing shapes for potato printing

When it was my turn to stand up in 3rd grade and tell the class what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wanted to say, “A writer.” But then Irenna Lawrence said, “Ichthyologist.” I was dumbfounded. That sounded very important with a lot of syllables. It occurred to me I should consider […]

Dealing with a Terminally Ill Pet

01_mister-kitten copy

We are currently going through a difficult time caring for a terminally ill pet; how do we judge his quality of life? How do we explain what’s happening to our 3-year-old son? We can’t help but question if we’ll know when it’s truly time for him to “go” and wonder if we’ll do the right thing. […]

Home to Roost

Mother and son playing with chicken outside. They are on the farm.

So, after ten years of pining for chickens, two weeks ago, three generations piled into the van and took a drive to a chicken farm in Connecticut to pick up four new family members, whom we have affectionately dubbed “the girlies.” And the girlies are just awesome in every way. Not yet old enough to […]

Just. Sit. Down.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 4.47.29 PM

Like just about all mothers, after taking care of the kids, getting them into bed, tidying up the house, finishing other household chores and getting things in order to do it all over again tomorrow, very rarely do I have time to sit down and chill out anymore. Well, during a particularly busy week, I […]

Can Mommy Put Her Pants On?!

Young happy mother and her cute blond baby girl in white towel after taking a bath, closeup portrait with selective focus

I am a high school teacher, which means that I have summers off, which can be a sensitive subject for many people. I am not here to get into the politics or efficacy of educators having summers off; instead, I’m here to tell you that I have children now, so I DO NOT HAVE SUMMERS […]

Sleep Doesn’t Come Cheap


I really like sleep. I mean, I really, really like it. Other adjectives I can use in regards to my nocturnal behavior include, but are not limited to: covet, adore, enjoy, worship, relish. According to National Geographic’s documentary “Sleepless in America,” 40 percent of Americans are sleep deprived. How many of those do you think […]