Immersion: The Gift of a Second Language


Tomorrow we look at a school for our daughter (now 6) that will potentially make her bilingual. Immersion programs have been a swift growing hot commodity in public school systems since 1971. And it’s a pretty intensive program in the sense that children are spoken to in the second language either for half the day or [...]

Identity Theft


Every one of my mom friends has some kind of identity crisis after motherhood strikes. Before baby, you’re closely tied to your profession, business, and brand (that Instagram shot was so her) and after baby, you’re left thinking, let’s take it down a notch and actually spend some time with my kid. (“Spend time” not [...]

When the Angels Sing

two people outside house

One chilly February morning, my husband and I decided to pack the kids in the van and do a little house hunting. We had been actively looking at houses for over a month and the prospects were pretty disappointing. We couldn’t find what we were looking for, which I mistakenly thought was pretty standard: a [...]

The Larger the House, the Darker the Rooms

finding a house

Once we made the decision to start looking for a new house, I felt like analyzing houses and neighborhoods became a full-time job. I was always on the lookout for an area or a home that would be just right. A couple of times a week we would all pack into the van after dinner [...]

Back It On In!

mom and daughter

I am the youngest of five children, so I was always surrounded by many people and given lots of love from the day I was born. I grew up thinking everyone simply adored me. Many a fight took place over who got me the best Christmas present and my weekends were spent jumping from one [...]

Paternity Leave


On the commute home from work last week, NPR did a piece on paternity leave. Men don’t take it and they should. Why is that? Google offers 7 weeks of paid leave and Facebook offers twice as much. I feel like I keep thinking about this lately because my husband is a rock star stay-at-home [...]

Raising Mozart

child piano

Sitting down to coffee with an old friend this month, the discussion turned to babies. Now this is mainly due to the fact that he is expecting his first child this year (Whoot!). And while he’d be happy with a strong, healthy baby, he admitted that he rather hoped it would be a girl. “Why?”  I [...]

Doctor’s Orders

Mother teaching her little child

After reading a recent New York times article, a friend quizzed me about who I thought was happier: married couples without kids or those with wee-ones. And even though I’m certain that I’m happier with ‘em, I offered up that married peeps sans children was the correct answer. Nope. She said the finding showed no [...]

Potty Training: 101


Don’t we all love it when our little ones make that leap from diapers to underwear? And yet, like breast feeding, potty training may not come so naturally to some kids. Potty training involves a period of observation and action, followed by a plan to be successful. When is it most successful? Most girls will [...]

People Say the Darndest Things


“All things happen for a reason.” “I can’t believe insurance companies will cover infertility, but not braces.” “You can have some of my eggs, if you want.” “You can always adopt.” “At least it’s not cancer. When I started this blog, I decided there were a few things I would not talk about. I lied [...]