The Sounds of Contentment

Portrait of two little girls playing with airy balls

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine mentioned that she houseguests with small children who are coming to spend the holidays with her. While she is out of practice with the structured chaos of having young ones at home, something she said made me jump out of my skin a little bit: “the pitter […]

SpongeBob ShamePants


While his obsession began when he was about 3, my son was not allowed to watch SpongeBob until he was 5. You see, his 13 year-old cousin, whom he simply ADORES, was all about SpongeBob for years. My son was always disappointed that he was not allowed to watch the show with his older cousin, […]

Surviving the First Few Weeks with Your Newborn


Okay, there are a million things friends, family, and the books tell you that you MUST do to be ready for baby’s arrival home. But let’s get real! Survival during the first few weeks with your newborn depends on you really knowing what is most important: eating, sleeping, eliminating, (being safe), repeat! (And that’s just baby, not […]

A Tale of Two Families

Smokoing chimney

When we decided to have a house built in the country this spring, the builder guaranteed us we would be moved in by the end of August. Now, September has come and gone and our builder guaranteed us that we would be in by the end of October. And we get on our knees and pray […]

Heavy on My Mind

my boys

I haven’t felt like myself lately. I feel like I have nothing interesting to say lately and no topics to write about. This is partially because something’s been weighing on me that makes other things irrelevant and unimportant. As the saying goes, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything…” Tomorrow, I’m going to have a genetic test […]

A Little Haunt Won’t Hurt


I’m a big fan of Halloween. BIG. FAN. From the time I was a child, I loved every creepy little thing about it. A few little ghost stories never hurt anybody. If anything, it builds the imagination. Look at writers like Neil Gaiman, directors like Tim Burton, or composers like Danny Elfman. What do they […]

The Prodigal Dog


As we were busy completing paperwork, arranging where to live, and packing our home, a certain someone in our lives was a bit neglected. Used to daily hikes, treats, and lots of love and attention, our dog Lulu was left in a bit of a lurch. It wasn’t until the move was complete and we […]

Cutting Back on Facebook


Most of us know what a time suck Facebook can be, but it’s such a hard habit to break. I’ve read many blog posts out there with tips that suggest just checking it once a day or even using a timer app. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite able to “just check it once a day.” The ironic […]

Moving Day


So, as many of you know, last week we moved out of the house we lived in for ten years. As moving day approached, I braced myself for the weight of the emotions that were bound to pour over me as we left our home and closed a very significant chapter in our lives. After […]

A Farm Fresh Getaway


I’ve wanted to take my kids to Los Poblanos, an organic farm and historic inn in New Mexico, for over a year now. My first attempt was thwarted when, on a warm October morning, we managed to get six kids under the age of seven to LAX airport at 7:45 a.m., only to receive a […]