Turning Two

When my parents or friends of mine say that the time with your child goes by so fast, they weren’t lying. It sure does. Or, I should say, “it has!” My daughter just turned two. I can’t even believe it. She really is an amazing little girl who is very independent, strong-willed, and incredibly cuddly. […]

First Years Compared

Our second baby just turned one and we couldn’t help but notice the insane differences we’re already seeing between our first and second-borns. Our first son Oliver is a thinker; even as an infant he was calculated and analytical, very cautious. Jake, our second, – not as cautious. Now, we get to experience the joy of […]

Celebrating Cesareans

While pregnant with my first child, I created a binder. This binder full of information was my birth plan. I had a plan and a vision for how I wanted, needed, and expected things to go down. Earth Mama was going au naturel and had her CDs, candles, and hypnobirthing class under her belt. My laundry […]

The Letter That Won My Home

The following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to the current owners of our new house in an effort for them to accept our offer. I share this with the world because: Our home is what shapes us from our earliest years. Everyone should have a good home. For families who move a […]

Making Dog Cakes and Treats with the Baby Bullet

Our German Shepherd Lunetta Braun van der Mitzi, also known as “Lulu,” holds a very special place in our hearts. She was the bridge between our carefree lives and our overwhelmingly responsible lives. She also filled a very important and significant void in our lives when we struggled to start a family. So we spoil […]

He’s Too Young for “Your Mama” Jokes!

I am blessed to be a part of a HUGE family that kind of transcends generations. There is a complicated intertwining of  all the different branches of our family tree, so you can’t quite tell where one generation ends and another begins. For example, I was only 8 years old when my first niece and […]

Baby’s Best Bites: Oatmeal

My ‘Baby’s Best Bites’ series focuses on nutritious, whole ingredients that every parent should know about. These are foods that do a baby good and are easy to incorporate into the whole family’s diet. Check out the other Baby’s Best spotlights: yogurt, avocado, and eggs.  It’s finally time—baby is ready for solid food! You may […]