Is Your Child Safe in a Seat Belt?

Kids are now in full swing – the school year is wrapping up, which means school activities, extracurriculars, exams, and, of course, gearing up for summer time activities! That means parents will be driving more than just their own children to and from school and activities. As a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, I know that passenger safety is important […]

DIY Bubble Solution

Bubbles are a big deal in our house. Though, to be honest, they should be a big deal in any house with toddlers and preschoolers. Last year, we rented an awesome bubble machine for their birthday party and I realized we could probably buy one for just as cheap. So we did, and, instead of paying […]

Why Family Outings Can Actually Be a Great Thing

Yes, it’s the dreaded outing. I start to get nervous the moment I put my daughter Elle in her car seat. She hates it. We get 5 minutes down the road and she starts crying and screaming. I try everything. The only thing that seems to work is when the dog travels with us. Whether it’s […]

I Held a Baby Today

I held a baby today. It was tiny, and sweet, and about twelve pounds—not much bigger than the size of a football. And she was sweet-natured. Tired as she was, she barely protested when I picked her up. She nestled her little head into my shoulder. Being only two months old, she didn’t have the power […]

Hidden Kitchen Risks for Baby

Recently, a tragic story was reported out of Kentucky. A 4-year-old boy got a hold of a mouthful of cinnamon, started coughing violently, and, an hour and a half later, was pronounced dead. From cinnamon. Yes. Cinnamon. This incident prompted me to take a critical look around my own kitchen, looking more deeply into some potential […]

DIY Childproofing Your Toddler’s Dresser

Our baby’s growing into a toddler and we’ve been dealing with so many changes! He is climbing everything, opening and closing everything, and just in everything! Somehow, we lucked out with our first child who wasn’t as physical with his environment and didn’t need as much baby proofing. Now that our younger 22-month-old is out of his crib and […]

10 Reasons Moms Are Awesome

Is it too early for Mother’s Day musings? If it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Yes, the day is near, but mothers need more than just a single day to have their awesome-ness recognized. Speaking not only as a mother, but as a woman who came from a mother (didn’t we all?), […]

Herbarium Project for Kids

As an English teacher, it should come as no surprise that many of my personal interests and passions are rooted in literature. For example, I became deeply and profoundly interested in studying natural and herbal medicine after reading Hamlet in high school. Poor Ophelia’s herb-infused meltdown ignited one of my lifelong joys. In this same […]

When Your Kid Calls You Fat

My 8-year-old daughter is really into the musical “Hairspray.” She went to go see it with her cousin on a recent visit home, and I’m not sure how exactly we got on the topic of weight (as the main character is pretty heavyset), but we started talking about skinny. “Mommy… You are definitely not skinny!” I […]

Moms – Take Time For Yourselves!

As mothers, we’ve all heard it before. In order to take care of our family, we must first take care of ourselves. But, like all mothers who hear this, you’ve probably thought, “Psh, yeah, right.” Between packing lunches, preparing food, setting schedules, shopping for necessities, and all the other things on our To Do lists, there’s […]