Use the Force, Kid

Jedi Rowan

“In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.” – Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi  Some of you may have heard of this little movie called Star Wars. And some of you may be aware that this little movie is coming out December 18th of this year. (But who’s paying attention?) If you’re a scrupulously geeky parent […]

Baby Bullet Coloring Page


One of my favorite activities to do together with my son at home is art. We enjoy using everything from watercolors to markers. He especially likes to color over my pen and ink drawings, so I decided to draw something special for him and for Baby Bullet blog readers everywhere to color. He was ecstatic that I […]

The Best Opinion a New Parent Can Get


A friend of mine recently confided to me that she and her husband were thinking about having a baby. When I hear good couples decide to move forward with this, I always get a little excited. I think, “Welcome to my team!” And then I’m immediately overcome with cautionary words that blink over my head […]

Celebrating Cesareans

Newborn baby girl

While pregnant with my first child, I created a binder. This binder full of information was my birth plan. I had a plan and a vision for how I wanted, needed, and expected things to go down. Earth Mama was going au naturel and had her CDs, candles, and hypnobirthing class under her belt. My laundry […]

Mothers, We Are Building Cathedrals

Cute newborn baby serie with pastel bokeh filter

One of my most-beloved possessions is a book about Gothic cathedrals my niece gave me years ago. Inside the book my niece inscribed a lovely message and a link to a Youtube video, of all things. Entitled “The Invisible Woman,” this video absolutely changed my life, how I feel about the 53 years I’ve known […]

Cooking with Your Kids


Dear Morning


Dear Morning, Listen, our relationship got off to a rocky start. You really like to burst into my life, and I’m more of an “ease into things slowly” kind of person. Countless times my babies woke me during your earliest hours simply because they were restless. I tried not to blame you. But you didn’t […]

I Hope You Dance

Silhouette of Happy Little Children Dancing at Sunset

Years ago, I used to drive around, nieces and nephews packed in the car, windows down, hair blowing, blaring Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.” Not exactly the coolest song in the world, and I can’t imagine it did much for my street cred, but we loved it and it still pretty much encompasses […]

Egg-cellent Easter Tips


My addiction to Pinterest might be considered “unhealthy” by some. I prefer to think of it as “optimistically obsessive.” But it’s not such a terrible thing, since it helped me have one of our family’s best Easters yet. One afternoon, while strolling through its pages, I came across some Easter Egg Hunt ideas. Now maybe […]

Go Home, Easter Bunny!


Now 28 with a daughter of his own, my nephew accidentally coined a family expression over one fateful Easter brunch when he was about three. A quarter century later, we continue to use the expression to voice feelings of fear, discomfort, or when we want someone or something to back off. The story goes a […]