Banana Agave Nectar

We all know that bananas are a great first food to feed your 4-6 month old baby. Bananas are smooth, can be easily mashed, and are easy on the stomach. Plus, they’re great for treating constipation. The banana makes the best first food because of its texture. A baby can move this smooth banana around his or her mouth learning this new texture. It also allows them to use their fingers to explore which in return stimulates their brain. At this early age, they learn though touch and their mouth.

I added a little agave nectar to the banana puree when my little one was 10-12 months old. Agave is a healthier approach to honey before their first birthday. Doctors will tell you to stay away from honey because it can cause botulism. Botulism is a serious condition that occurs when bacterial spores grow in a baby’s intestinal tract. But agave nectar has proven to be a viable treatment for treating a cough in children without the risk. Of course before feeding your baby any new first foods, make sure you just feed that one type of food for 3 days straight. If you do not see any signs of allergies or rashes around the mouth or hands after 3 days, then you know your baby is clear of an allergy to that food. But it’s always good to consult your doctor when starting firsts foods.

The agave nectar can add a nice subtle sweetness to any puree. If anything it will cut some of the bitterness that breastmilk can add. And just like when we aren’t feeling very well, agave in any puree might help with a bad couch or heal a sick kiddo.

Banana Agave Nectar Puree Recipe


  • 1 banana
  • 2-4 tbs agave nectar


  1. In the Baby Bullet add the two ingredients and blend till smooth.




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