Immersion: The Gift of a Second Language


Tomorrow we look at a school for our daughter (now 6) that will potentially make her bilingual. Immersion programs have been a swift growing hot commodity in public school systems since 1971. And it’s a pretty intensive program in the sense that children are spoken to in the second language either for half the day or [...]

Holy Cannoli!


As with most people with limited space in the kitchen, we like to make good use of our appliances. A few weeks ago, I noticed a number of comments regarding how readers were grateful to have some suggestions on ways to use the Baby Bullet once the little peanuts are no longer in pureed food [...]

Identity Theft


Every one of my mom friends has some kind of identity crisis after motherhood strikes. Before baby, you’re closely tied to your profession, business, and brand (that Instagram shot was so her) and after baby, you’re left thinking, let’s take it down a notch and actually spend some time with my kid. (“Spend time” not [...]

Chicken and Corn with Cilantro Puree

Chicken Corn and Cilantro

I always recommend that you keep a little garden of herbs growing (if your weather permits) so you can trim a few pieces off at times to jazz up a recipe, even if it’s just for baby. Or maybe I should say, especially if it’s for your baby! I feel like we don’t give kids [...]

World’s Toughest Job

world's toughest job

Would you sign up for the world’s toughest job? The pay is zero, you don’t get holidays off, and you have to stand for, basically, always. Sound good? We won’t ruin the surprise, but these people weren’t overjoyed when they heard about their new job opportunity.

From Bump to Buzz

bump to buzz

Time lapse videos are all the buzz right now, but few document the amazing weeks leading up to the birth of a child, and even less are scored by original music performed by the soon-to-be dad. It sounds too sweet to be true, but watch the video below for a pretty fantastic 9 months summed [...]

Baby’s First Car Wash

car wash

It’s amazing how many firsts we take for granted. This little guy probably won’t remember his first car wash, but it will live on in the history books! Do you remember your first car wash?

Babies React to their First Lemon


Lips puckering and tongues out and arms flailing, oh my! These are some of the cutest reactions yet! Has your baby tried his or her first lemon yet? How did they react?

Do You Want to Buy a Penguin?

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 2.30.07 PM

What happens when you tell children to make up a story? Chances are they’ll come up with an amazing, imaginative scenario made all the funnier when reenacted by adult actors. Check out Salesman, a story about a real pet penguin seller that soon turns into a something much more serious!

Why Your Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out


Trying to figure out what’s bothering your toddler is about easy as it is fun: so, basically, not easy or fun at all. But comedian, writer and father Jason Good has it pretty much figured out. He’s come up with 46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out, a perfectly succinct and entirely accurate [...]