A Guide to the Best and Worst Halloween Candy


Do you rifle through your child’s Halloween treat bag looking for the goods? Of course, they’re not for you, but you don’t want your child eating tons of unhealthy, sugary, processed foods, after all! But someone’s got to do away with all that temptation, and when there’s a Snickers, Kit Kat, or Reese’s bar, well, [...]

Halloween Safety


As you start to prepare your little ones’ costumes for Halloween, make sure you remember to keep safety precautions at the top of your list! Twice as many child pedestrians are killed when walking on Halloween compared to other days of the year, so take the necessary steps to make sure your child is safe. Have a [...]

4th Annual Costume Cutie Contest


The moon hangs low in the sky on this dark All Hallow’s Eve and your little one is looking for trouble… You run, but you can’t hide! He’s out to terrorize your home, your loved ones, even you! Don’t let him get the best of you! Dress him up as a cute pumpkin and show [...]

Second Graders Try a Seven-Course, $220 Meal


How would your child react if you sat him or her down at a fancy restaurant for a seven-course meal fully prepared by one of the best chefs in the country? It sounds a little bit like a nightmare, but what resulted was an adorable exploration into the tastes and preferences of children – and [...]

Silly Baby Loves Remote Control


Ahh, it’s the little things in life! A bright, colorful flower, your favorite song, or a remote control… Don’t you wish you had the same excitement and discovery babies get to experience on a daily basis? This video is a prime example – is it the buttons? The colors? The shapes and numbers? Whatever it is [...]

How to Stop a Baby from Crying


We never knew it could be so simple. Granted, we may not all be Katy Perry fans, but when your little one reacts like this to one of her songs, we think it’s time to put your fandom aside.

This babbling baby will brighten your day!

baby talk

Is this alien speak or just one expressive baby? And what is she going on about?! Whatever it is, you better believe she is staunch! Watch this for a little afternoon pick me up – it’ll brighten your day for sure.

Dads Deserve More Credit


In a recent article from Huffington Post, a clear and obvious statement was made: Dads deserve more credit! But, more importantly, there’s science to prove it! Lots has been said about the bond a mother and child share, but studies show the bond between a father and child can be just as important. Playtime helps [...]

What Grandma Hears vs. What Mom Hears


Grandmas are, by far, the most fun family members to visit! Well, from your kids’ perspective, that is! Grandmas are always sweet, understanding, and a little too nice. From that cookie before dinnertime to that late night movie, they’re all about fun and spoiling our children with love. What more could we ask for?

Toy Wars

toy wars

Why play with toys when you can play with special effects? These two dads duke it out on the playground for ultimate dad glory and the best prize of all: bragging rights. Who do you think won?