A Parent’s Guide to Fevers

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Your child’s first fever can be quite a scary thing – but don’t fear! There are some common symptoms that indicate a totally normal and temporary illness and other symptoms that can indicate something more serious. Take a look at this infographic for more information and the steps you can take when your child is […]

Homemade Wood Cleaner


A house with old, dingy wooden furniture can really bring you down. Don’t get me wrong – wooden furniture is beautiful and that old feel can bring a lovely antique kinda vibe to a house, even turn it into a home, but if your pieces are just screaming for a little polish – look no further! This […]

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What It’s Like to Have Kids


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Giveaway: The New Dad Dictionary

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Parenting – on dad’s terms. Author Chris Illuminati (yes, that is his real name) brings you a complete dictionary guide to the parenting terms you’ll need to know to keep your little one safe and sound with The New Dad Dictionary. He’ll also show you what to expect from baby and mother during these sure-to-be-trying times […]