Doctor’s Advice: Should I Introduce Solid Food?

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My little guy is going on 15 weeks old. He is purely breastfed. He was 8.4 pounds at birth and 20.5 inches long. He currently sleeps 9-9.5 hours at night and usually takes 1-2 one-hour naps (2 hours total) during the day. My concern is that he has been gaining weight VERY slowly. He currently weighs 10.2 pounds and is 24 inches long. Some days, he’ll nurse 6-7 times; some days, it’s all day. My husband and I recently decided to give him 3 oz pumped in the morning and at night, in addition to nursing, to monitor how much he gets. Not much change yet and it’s been 1 week. He is able to sit up if propped against something, coughs on his own, burps on his own, and is getting a tooth in. Developmentally, he’s meeting all his milestones; he can almost roll over. I’m just really concerned with his weight. I’m thinking about introducing avocados, a VERY small amount. What do you think? My pediatrician says no food until he reaches 13 pounds, but I definitely think he’s ready. He watches us eat, eats at his hands none stop, drools like a faucet, and when you touch his nose, face, cheeks, etc. during playtime, he tries to eat them, or put them in his mouth.

Your advise is greatly appreciated. 🙂


Dr. JJ:

The opinion as to when to start solids really varies among pediatricians, as you can see. Certainly, by 20 weeks he should have doubled his birthweight, and he is slow to do that. Of course, there are factors like your body type and your hubby’s… If you are both small and slim, then genetically, your little man may be growing like you. However, sit with your pediatrician and look at your baby’s growth chart. If he is falling off the curve for weight gain, it’s time to get more calories in him, and he is certainly showing signs of readiness. Personally, I would support your gut instinct to think about solids now, but please do sit with your pediatrician and make sure there is no other reason that your little man is growing slowly!



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