Doctor’s Advice: Pureeing Berry Seeds

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Hello! I absolutely love making foods for my little girl. She has just started eating pureed foods at 5 months old and she loves everything (except avocados) that she has tried so far. I am curious, though, how to go about pureeing things like strawberries and kiwis. I’m not sure her little insides are ready for the seeds. I was able to do things like red peppers by peeling the skin off, but I’m not sure how to get the seeds out. Please let me know if there is a way.


Dr. JJ:

You can cook berries on the stovetop until soft and then press the pulp through a strainer. You can also pulverize the seeds by processing in your Baby Bullet. They are a great source of fiber. As far as kiwis go, just cut out the core of seeds and offer the green fruit without it’s center, if you prefer not to give the seeds. Of course, again, blending the fruit in your Baby Bullet will get those seeds broken down!




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