Are You Feeding Your Little One Solids Too Soon?

When did you introduce solids to your Little One?

About 90 percent of parents are starting their babies on solids too soon, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. They recommend babies only feed on breast milk or formula until they’re 6 months old, but about 40 percent of parents start feeding solids before the age of 4 months, which could lead to the development of diabetes, obesity, eczema, and celiac disease, among other ailments.

On the other hand, many pediatrics use less strict guidelines when recommending the switch over to solids, like waiting until they’re able to sit up or show interest in what mommy and daddy eat, a marker that often comes before the age of 6 months. Waiting too long, some say, can lead to other developmental obstacles, like aversion to texture or digestive issues.

As a parent to a growing baby/tot, we’re curious, What do you think? When did you start your Little One on solids and what did your pediatrician say?




  1. I plan to start my daughter on solids after I talk to her pediatrician at her 4 month appointment. (She is 3 and a half months.) She’s starting to show lots of interest in anything I eat and tries to eat everyone’s hands. She definitely seems ready for food!

  2. I just read her queues and starting feeding her solids when she really showed an interest for it. At 3 months her pediatrician said to start on some cereal in the evening. Once she started that she was very curious and interested in anything she saw me and my husband using a spoon for. Hubby started letting her taste all his fruit and then a few more little things here and there and then I thought, she really likes it lets have her try a few fruits and veggies. She loved that so we I broke out my baby bullet and started doing foods you couldn’t buy that are recommended such as avacados, kiwis and butternut squash. She absolutely loves her solids! Even at daycare they think its so cute how excited she gets over her cereal with fruit in it and she makes yum yum noises.

    This is my first baby and so far I’ve found guidelines are literally just guidelines. Every baby is different and I’ve found reading her queues works the best. I’ll try something and see how she is feeling it. She wasn’t ready for the sippy cut but her cousin the same exact age was and yet she loves her veggies and fruits and her cousin started later ad wasn’t as big as a fan. Weirdly with feeding I’ve found it so easy since she tells me in her own way when she wants more and if she likes stuff.

  3. My little guy was around 4 months and it was suggested by his doctor because he was a bigger baby. He however told me no fruit until 6 months.

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