All You Need is a Fresh Coat of Paint


These paint swatches have been up on our walls for over a year and a half, since before I got pregnant with our now 3-month-old son. Now that he is sleeping through the night, I decided it was time to at least get started. So maybe this transformation will motivate some of you out there to make a refreshing change in your house, even if it’s just with a few coats of paint!

Our living room was a beautiful burnt orange that was warm and inviting, but a little too dark in the afternoon when the sun only shines on the other half of the house. It is also very close in color to our hardwood floors and wood furniture, so everything started to blend in with no contrast at all.

I knew that I wanted a color that would contrast with our hardwood floor; what better color than blue, which complements its lovely orange-hued surroundings? We bought a few Benjamin Moore sample paint cans, which I personally love because they have a Zero VOC paint line – no odors and safe for my kids.

After testing many colors on the wall (all varying tones of blue or grey), I narrowed my options down to two colors. I waited a full day to see how light hit it as the day passed. In the end,  I chose a light blue with a hint of green to freshen up our home and make it feel more summery. A can of paint really goes a long way in helping you feel like you’ve remodeled or gone on vacation; you look at your home in a new way and appreciate details that you may not have noticed before.


Wondering how I got it done with two babies in tow? I planned it out knowing I couldn’t finish in one day. We’re fortunate enough to have the grandparents nearby, who watched both boys for one day so I could do about half of the room. I took a second day with the kids home and painted during naptimes. I finished the final bit one afternoon when my husband, dad and older son were working in the yard while the baby napped. It feels great!




About Becky Nimoy

Becky Nimoy is a Southern California native, residing in the small but lively Los Angeles port town of San Pedro, along with her high school sweetheart and husband, two baby boys (ages 2 years and 2 months), and their 3 cats. When she can manage it (having two boys is rough!), she loves to draw, bake, repaint the rooms and work in the garden. In her spare time she and the boys like to explore the many parks that San Pedro has to offer and hike on the horse trails of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. She is passionate about all things chocolate, eating organic as much as possible and using cloth diapers on her kids. She holds a B.S. in Art History from UCLA and a professional certificate in Interior Design through UCLA Extension. She freelances as an architectural draftsman and stationery designer.

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