Overnight Oatmeal


I can’t say enough about how much I love dishes that are ready to go when needed! Especially in the mornings when things can tend to get busy. Overnight oatmeal falls into that category as it takes little to no prep work, especially when you use the Baby Bullet Blender. I love that you can easily switch up the flavors to your baby’s preferred taste buds, and there is no cooking involved whatsoever.

Overnight Oatmeal


  • 2 packets oatmeal, OR 1 cup quick oats**
  • .5 – .75 cup milk of choice


  1. Using your Baby Bullet Blender, add the oats and milk. **If using quick oats, add a sprinkle of cinnamon and 1-2 tb. pure maple syrup for sweetener.**
  2. Depending on the age of your baby, add more milk for a thinner oatmeal. The mixture should be thick, so 12 months and up should be fine with ½ cup milk, but you can always add more milk in the morning to thin it out.
  3. Blend until the oats have been processed somewhat. Remember to adjust the texture for your baby’s age. The smaller the texture, the younger the baby.
  4. Cover and place in the fridge overnight. Pull it out in the morning and serve. Adjust milk and seasonings if needed.




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