Loving Them

When my first child was born, it was oddly not love at first sight. I felt numb. And then… terror. What was I going to do with this tiny being? How was I going to be responsible for someone when I could barely take care of myself? I know now that those early notions of fear were less about my new … [Continue reading]

Baby’s Cheesy Broccoli

Baby Bullet Cheese Broc.3

I don’t think any child gets super excited about broccoli for dinner, unless you add cheese sauce! This is the perfect new recipe for your young one! Cut up your broccoli into small pieces so that it’s easy for babies to pick up on their own and chew. Toss in the yummy cheese and vegetable sauce, … [Continue reading]

Ask Dr. JJ: Solid Meals for Baby


Question: I just purchased a Baby Bullet for my 6 month old baby. Just want to know how to warm up refrigerated baby food that is kept in the storage … [Continue reading]

Blueberry, Cherry, Spinach Puree

pic 1 copy

Oh Happy Day! Make a big batch of this puree and freeze the leftovers because your baby will love this one. It’s delicious! This puree makes me happy … [Continue reading]

Mommy & Me Giveaway!


Now through Friday, February 17, 2017 at 11:59pm, one lucky winner will take home an extra-special mommy & me prize package sponsored by Babymel … [Continue reading]

Dots and Spots, When Your Child’s Rash Requires a

  Let’s face it, your child’s skin is perfection. Plump, soft and smooth. So, when a rash affects your baby or child, how do you know if it’s … [Continue reading]

DIY Lip Gloss with Your Toddlers


My daughter Elle loves to sit in my lap while I put on my makeup. Of course she wants to imitate and do exactly like her mommy, so I give her a small … [Continue reading]

Are we Listening to our Hunger Cues?

The last couple of months I’ve been working with a dietician and one of the homework assignments she gave me was to set a clock for 20 minutes during … [Continue reading]

Cauliflower Pasta Sauce


My one and a half year old daughter is crazy about the cauliflower pasta sauce. We make it together on a weekly basis. The ingredients are simple, and … [Continue reading]

Carrot Hummus


Hummus is one of my favorite snacks. It’s not just really tasty but also super healthy and packed full of protein. My toddler loves grabbing raw … [Continue reading]