Ask Dr. JJ: Which Foods Can My Baby Eat Raw?

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Shari: Many of the recipes call for you to cook veggies and even some of the fruits. Do you have to always cook them? What foods can be left raw and blended in the Baby Bullet to serve? Just started cereal with my 4-month-old this week. Trying to get a plan for next week. Dr. JJ: Hi Shari - … [Continue reading]

Motherhood, Inc.


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Making Mascara at Home


I have no idea why this is so, but just about every time I get any kind of cold of sinus-related ailment, I end up with pink eye. Not only is it … [Continue reading]

Sweet Pineapple-Cado Puree


If I ever want to see a happy smile, followed by the cutest deep chuckle from my daughter Elle, all I have to do is feed her this delicious pineapple … [Continue reading]

The Hardest Thing


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A Parent’s Guide to Fevers


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Diagnosis: Children


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Work and Home Balance

Mother embracing her little girl before leaving to work

I'm on a bus with twenty-five people. I'm traveling through Florida. This happens once a year for my job. It's only about 22 days, but it's 22 days … [Continue reading]

Bathroom Break

Bathroom Break

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Homemade Glass and Window Cleaner


Stop staring out of a smudgy window! Use this easy-to-make and natural DIY cleaner for a better, clearer view! And yes, it is easy to make. You … [Continue reading]