DIY Project: Magnetic Slime


Well, it is officially that time of year for chilling out, relaxing, and figuring out ways to keep the kids happy, busy, and occupied on those sunburned or rainy days. While it is super messy and I've sacrificed the soles of way too many shoes to the slime and Playdoh gods, the kiddos love the stuff … [Continue reading]

Homemade Vanilla Bean Applesauce


There's one very important thing I have to ask when feeding new foods to my baby: Is this organic? While I was pregnant with Elle, I made sure to take care of myself by eating right, doing daily yoga, and relaxing. Naturally, I want to make sure she's healthy and safe outside of the womb, too. … [Continue reading]

Whipped Ricotta with Fresh Strawberries


It’s always hard to think of new and creative ways to get your baby the nutrition he or she needs, and sometimes they tire of bland vegetables. That … [Continue reading]

Print Your Own Baby Bullet Activity Page!


My 4-year-old son just finished his first year of preschool, with one more to go before kindergarten (sigh). In the first year, they focus on letter … [Continue reading]

Adjusting to the Learning Curve of Parenting

I was nailing this parenting thing for a while. I kept telling myself that anyway. My daughter, who’d been dealing with some heavy anxiety seemed … [Continue reading]

Minty Peas Puree

Minty Peas

I like fresh vegetables as much as anyone, but when you need something easy and full of flavor, frozen peas are a godsend. So make this with those … [Continue reading]

Easy Egg Casserole


I’ve made this egg casserole three times now and it's basically fool proof - perfect for busy moms and pops! It also makes it much easier to cook … [Continue reading]

The MacGyver Parent: How We Learned to Always Be Prepared

elle-and-dad copy

My daughter Elle is approaching her 2nd birthday and is full of energy. She absolutely loves to play outside and explore. Since my husband and I work … [Continue reading]

Grasping at Straws: Learning NOT to Compare Your Children


Here’s the checklist of things that my daughter learned to do before the age of 5: Read. Tie her shoes. Dance. Swim. Here’s the … [Continue reading]

All About Food Safety

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that 1 out of 6 Americans get sick from foodborne illness each year. That’s 76,000,000 Americans! That … [Continue reading]