Dealing with a Terminally Ill Pet

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We are currently going through a difficult time caring for a terminally ill pet; how do we judge his quality of life? How do we explain what's happening to our 3-year-old son? We can't help but question if we'll know when it's truly time for him to “go” and wonder if we'll do the right … [Continue reading]

DIY Hand Sanitzer

Little girl showing her hands to mother outdoors

It is with a heavy heart that I begin preparing for the start of the school year. The kids and I have really had an incredible summer together and it breaks my heart to think about all the busyness and time away from each other. As with most teachers, the last few weeks of August are not really … [Continue reading]

Cheesy Kale Pasta


My toddler is loving chunky foods. She only has 4 teeth, so I have no idea how she eats the chunky food, but she loves it! Especially when she can … [Continue reading]

Roasted Cauliflower with Chickpeas and Cashews


This roasted cauliflower dish will introduce you to a new flavor most of us Americans aren’t familiar with; it features the Middle Eastern spice blend … [Continue reading]

Fathers Do Not Babysit


I need to take a moment to rant about an epidemic I'm hearing lately that really grinds my gears. My issue, you ask? When people say a father is … [Continue reading]

Peach Puree


I'm from the South and peaches are in season! Even though I'm making these foods for my baby, I can't wait to take her peach and apple picking. … [Continue reading]

DIY Homemade Silver Polish

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A good silver polish is hard to find. And by good, I mean one that's not full of harmful chemicals, strong odors and that actually works. Luckily, … [Continue reading]

Home to Roost

Mother and son playing with chicken outside. They are on the farm.

So, after ten years of pining for chickens, two weeks ago, three generations piled into the van and took a drive to a chicken farm in Connecticut to … [Continue reading]

Spinach Blueberry Quinoa Puree


This recipe is the mother lode of recipes. It contains iron from spinach, antioxidants from blueberries and protein from rich, filling quinoa. You'll … [Continue reading]

Moroccan Vegetable Stew

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This is one my favorite vegetarian recipes yet. It’s incredibly filling and flavorful and actually gets better every day. It’s a combination of 2 … [Continue reading]