Easy Banana Bread


My husband and I always have a ton of bananas on hand for his daily smoothies, but he uses them when they're still green, so, inevitably, they get too ripe. Luckily, in our house, that means it's time to make banana bread! I have this easy recipe that I always use that makes it easy to throw in … [Continue reading]

So Much Housework


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A Novel Concept

stack of books

I have a confession to make: I am an English teacher and I haven’t read a book in three years. At least not for pleasure, that is. It’s really quite … [Continue reading]

Tired of Yelling?


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Mango Apple Carrot Puree

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.31.51 PM

Your little one will remember this puree, for sure! Made out of simple ingredients in just minutes, this MAC puree is sure to be the new family … [Continue reading]

The Best Time to Give Advice to Your Children


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Igniting Curiosity: The 3 Best New Shows for Toddlers


Do you let your children watch television? Chances are you have a lot of memories tied to the shows you used to watch when you were little - Sesame … [Continue reading]

Art of Conversation


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Quick and Easy Pea Pesto


This quick and easy pea pesto is my go-to meal when I have leftover pureed peas. My son Jake is 8-months old and he's still very picky about solid … [Continue reading]

How NOT to Use a Baby Carrier


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