Chicken Tomato Corn Puree


For some of us, this winter hasn’t been too cold, while others have experienced endless rain and snowfall. This recipe is for those who want to cuddle up, stay warm and sip on a delicious soup with your family. My aunt makes a killer pot of tortilla soup. For added flavor, she adds cubed avocados, … [Continue reading]

Puree 101: How Much Mush Do you Know?


Think you know your purée stuff? Here’s a few fun facts. And pay attention because there will be a quiz later. Word Origin: Well, we all know that it’s French (“purée de pois” - 14th century), but did you know that term was based off the Latin word purare (“to purify”) which came from purus … [Continue reading]

Squash Soup with Beans and Tomatoes


I swear, I make more than just soups! But soups are my ultimate go-to; they're easy to make and they're my all-time favorite food. I love that you can … [Continue reading]

Axing Eczema Without Steroids


Last week, my son was quietly sitting on the couch one minute, crying and demanding essential oils and a bandage for his leg the next. (Yes, my kids … [Continue reading]

Strawberry Peanut Butter Banana Puree

straw 1 copy

Babies are so cute and cuddly. The best part for me is when they start to eat. They start using their little taste testers for the first time. … [Continue reading]

Asian Baked Tofu and Eggplant


Ahh, a healthy, simple and filling protein-packed recipe for baked tofu that the whole family can enjoy. Is it too good to be true? This recipe says … [Continue reading]

Silence and Solitude

Charming family spends time in the gym

As much as I adore and cherish my family, the holiday vacation honestly took its toll on me. Yes, it was jam-packed with love, fun, celebrations, … [Continue reading]

Risotto Asparagus


I love risotto and this dish, the whole family can enjoy. Babies can enjoy it pureed, toddlers can eat it with their hands, and everyone else can … [Continue reading]

No Vice New Year

yoga copy

While resolutions are really not my thing, I still use the month of January as an opportunity to reflect honestly and critically on the choices I'm … [Continue reading]

Egg Yolk, Avocado and Cucumber Puree


I love making random purees for my little adventurous eater. This puree is probably eliciting a lot of wonder, but I urge you to try it! For children, … [Continue reading]