Weird and Unusual Holiday Cuisines


Imagine asking your family, “What’s for Christmas dinner?” and the answer being something like, “Oh, probably a mixture of the fat of hunted reindeer, seal oil, and crisco mixed with berries.” Huh? NPR did a report recently on unique holiday cuisines, and the first piece was on traditional … [Continue reading]

My Christmas Wish: I Hope You See the World Around You

Full concentration

A Letter to my Children, In the midst of the holiday season, I thought I should take a moment to write you and tell you what my Christmas wish is. And being that you’re only 7 and 4, this might not make much sense to you yet. You see, when I ask you what you want, you say, “An Easy Bake Oven” or … [Continue reading]

Simple, Warm Winter Salad


With all this heavy holiday eating, I've been feeling like I need to find some new vegetarian recipes to round out our diets. My goal in the coming … [Continue reading]

Don’t Have Time to Bake It? Fake It!


I am guilty of spending hours pouring over websites and magazines, stockpiling ideas that I love and plan on trying. I get so into it that I manage to … [Continue reading]

Dear Expecting Parent


Dear Expecting Parent, Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Your life is about to change in ways you never imagined. It’s such an exciting … [Continue reading]

Chicken Tagine with Apricots

Chicken Tagine Baby Bullet

One of my favorite flavor combinations is found in the Moroccan dish known as tagine. It's also a cooking vessel in which you put meat, vegetables, … [Continue reading]

Creamy Tofu Sauce


This recipe has been passed down from friend to friend via numerous photocopies and, supposedly, the original version came from a vegetarian … [Continue reading]

12 Days of Bullet Giveaways!


Happy holidays! Didn't this year seem to fly by? It's a good thing it did, too, because the end of the year brings back our annual 12 Days of Bullet … [Continue reading]

Marshmallow Apple Popcorn Balls

Homemade Golden Caramel Popcorn

Popcorn balls are a bit of a weakness for me, but they are not exactly on any nutritionist’s list of healthful snacks and marshmallows usually contain … [Continue reading]

I’m a Cool Mom

mother with her child on the beach

A friend asked me a few months ago if I tried to be more of a “mom as friend” or “mom as mother.” And because this friend is an ivy league grad, runs … [Continue reading]