When the Angels Sing

two people outside house

One chilly February morning, my husband and I decided to pack the kids in the van and do a little house hunting. We had been actively looking at houses for over a month and the prospects were pretty disappointing. We couldn’t find what we were looking for, which I mistakenly thought was pretty … [Continue reading]

From Bump to Buzz

bump to buzz

Time lapse videos are all the buzz right now, but few document the amazing weeks leading up to the birth of a child, and even less are scored by original music performed by the soon-to-be dad. It sounds too sweet to be true, but watch the video below for a pretty fantastic 9 months summed up in … [Continue reading]

Baby’s First Car Wash

car wash

It's amazing how many firsts we take for granted. This little guy probably won't remember his first car wash, but it will live on in the history … [Continue reading]

Apple Fennel Puree

apple fennel

Catherine McCord of Weelicious shares one of her most unique baby food recipes - Apple Fennel Puree. http://youtu.be/_3XzC6C9k3k Apple Fennel … [Continue reading]

The Food Pyramid: Is it Wrong?

food pyramid

The food pyramid was released to the public by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1992. Is it any coincidence, then, that this was the decade in … [Continue reading]

The Larger the House, the Darker the Rooms

finding a house

Once we made the decision to start looking for a new house, I felt like analyzing houses and neighborhoods became a full-time job. I was always on the … [Continue reading]

Babies React to their First Lemon


Lips puckering and tongues out and arms flailing, oh my! These are some of the cutest reactions yet! Has your baby tried his or her first lemon … [Continue reading]

Chicken, Corn and Cauliflower

Chicken, Corn and Cauliflower

Corn is such a versatile food. Not only is it amazing on the cob, when it's added to purees, it has a creamy, starchy quality. The corn in this puree … [Continue reading]

Back It On In!

mom and daughter

I am the youngest of five children, so I was always surrounded by many people and given lots of love from the day I was born. I grew up thinking … [Continue reading]

Banana Avocado Mousse

Banana Avocado Mousse (1)

Bananas and avocado are not only monsters of nutrition, but they also make a creamy and delicious combination for babies and toddlers. Avocados are … [Continue reading]