Ice Ice Baby

Mint infused ice cubes with lemon and mint garnish.

With the dog days of summer upon us, heat waves and droughts are the name of the game and everyone is looking for a way to keep cool. If you have a garden, you are also looking for creative ways to use the fruits of your gardening labor. One of the easiest, tastiest, and most refreshing way to … [Continue reading]

Healthy Squash Puree


Do you like Greek yogurt? I love it! A lot of my friends enjoy it too but usually only during breakfast. This creamy and tangy goodness shouldn’t be limited to only a morning dish, especially when so many things can pair great with it. Apple and cinnamon is a popular pair. Your favorite fresh fruit … [Continue reading]

Summer DIY Project: Refinishing an Outdoor Table


Our family has been using our backyard more and more as our boys get older, and it’s always a treat when we can get all of us outside to play (and … [Continue reading]

Dear Me, Eight Years Ago


Hi, Maia. This is future Maia from 2016. You’ve just had your first baby in 2007--a little girl named Lynnea. I hope you don’t mind me taking a few … [Continue reading]

Baby Banana Oatmeal Smoothie


I love the age when babies begin to sip through a straw because they tend to eat more than being spoon fed. It’s my favorite way to get more nutrients … [Continue reading]

Wally World or Bust

Young family with little girls enjoying time at fun fair, baby eating roll, mother eating popsicle, amusement park

With summer vacation in full swing, parents across the country are, come hell or high water, busy making memories with their children. Like Clark … [Continue reading]

Veggie Puree

There is a real struggle with eating veggies. Now that I am responsible for feeding this tiny baby, I say to myself, “Am I feeding her right? Am I … [Continue reading]

Best Parenting Hashtags


A few months ago, my daughter asked me what my favorite hashtag was when I was growing up. I just stared at her. How do I explain that there were no … [Continue reading]

Food Substitutions for Baby (and You)

baby drinking milk from a bottle

We no longer live in a “meat and potatoes” era. Many families have opted out of meats, gluten, and other foods out of choice. Some have had to opt out … [Continue reading]

Summertime Pure Fruit Smoothie

two smoothie glasses_Fotor

Summertime is awesome in Southern California because we have access to plenty of amazingly fresh fruit! The downside is that I almost never finish it … [Continue reading]