Your Baby Bump – Show and Tell

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How to Restore Your Plants from Stems and Trimmings


Recently, we were at the local gardening center browsing and I couldn't help but admire their large pots of coleus plants. They were gorgeous! I thought, if only I could just snip a branch or two to grow my own, but no... that would be stealing, and stealing is bad. Even if it is to grow something … [Continue reading]

Diffusing the Situation

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I hate to keep griping about the New England weather, but this long, hard winter has given us grounds to gripe. We all thought April would bring … [Continue reading]

We’ve all been there…


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Eggs with Chorizo


Breakfast is my favorite meal. Not only my favorite to eat, but my favorite to cook for family and friends. And the best breakfast dish of all? Eggs … [Continue reading]

Seems Legit


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A Parent’s Guide to Fevers

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Your child's first fever can be quite a scary thing - but don't fear! There are some common symptoms that indicate a totally normal and temporary … [Continue reading]

Homemade Wood Cleaner


A house with old, dingy wooden furniture can really bring you down. Don't get me wrong - wooden furniture is beautiful and that old feel can bring a … [Continue reading]

Want to Know What It’s Like to Have Kids?


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I Hope You Dance

Silhouette of Happy Little Children Dancing at Sunset

Years ago, I used to drive around, nieces and nephews packed in the car, windows down, hair blowing, blaring Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.” Not … [Continue reading]