Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies


After watching the delectably enticing Food Network the other night, I suddenly got a craving for some oatmeal cookies. I decided to go ahead and make a batch - and then eat 5 cookies all at once. Oops. Well, I don't regret it, and you won't either! I loosely followed this recipe from Betty … [Continue reading]

The Sounds of Contentment

Portrait of two little girls playing with airy balls

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine mentioned that she houseguests with small children who are coming to spend the holidays with her. While she is out of practice with the structured chaos of having young ones at home, something she said made me jump out of my skin a little bit: “the pitter patter … [Continue reading]

Hawaiian Snapper Puree

Hawaiian Snapper 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ourlmNUMI8M&feature=youtu.be Fish is such a wonderful protein for babies, but most parents are intimidated to … [Continue reading]

The Honest Truth about Newborn Babies


Forget Ikea furniture, if anything needs a how-to manual, it's babies! Taking care of a newborn can be as frightening as anything you've ever done. … [Continue reading]

No-Sew Tiger Costume


This Halloween may have already come and gone, but I discovered a neat little trick you'll want to try next Halloween, next school pageant, or the … [Continue reading]

SpongeBob ShamePants


While his obsession began when he was about 3, my son was not allowed to watch SpongeBob until he was 5. You see, his 13 year-old cousin, whom he … [Continue reading]

4th Annual Costume Cutie Contest Winners


Thank you to everyone who participated in our 4th Annual Costume Cutie contest! We had some amazingly adorable (as well as some ghoulishly frightful) … [Continue reading]

I Told My Kids I Ate their Halloween Candy

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.36.40 AM

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again! After Halloween, kids are stoked about their candy earnings, eager to get their hands on all the fun-size candies and … [Continue reading]

Surviving the First Few Weeks with Your Newborn


Okay, there are a million things friends, family, and the books tell you that you MUST do to be ready for baby’s arrival home. But let’s get real! … [Continue reading]

The Best Costumes of 2014


Let's be honest, the best part about Halloween is dressing our little ones up in funny costumes. After all, if it were up to baby, they probably … [Continue reading]