Apple Walnut Puree


At this time of year, fruit picking abounds! When the kids and I went to our local farmer’s market this past weekend, a myriad of apples in tons of varieties were abundant: Pink Ladies, Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji and more — all sweet, crispy and delicious. Apples are one of those fruits that make … [Continue reading]

Coconut Cream Chocolate Mousse


I was talking with family recently about some major life changes they've made, including trying to eat less refined sugars and more protein and healthy fats. It got me thinking about “healthy” desserts and I remembered a coconut cream mousse I made years ago that was incredibly decadent and dairy … [Continue reading]

Staying at Home Base

baby in plane

One of many the things I passed along to my middle daughter, aside from blue eyes and a goof-ball personality, is intense anxiety. When I noticed her … [Continue reading]

Cooling Growing Pain Spray

Girl Playing With Exercise Ball

My five year-old son is growing like a weed these days. He is eating everything in sight and all of his pants are getting way too short, both of which … [Continue reading]

This babbling baby will brighten your day!

baby talk

Is this alien speak or just one expressive baby? And what is she going on about?! Whatever it is, you better believe she is staunch! Watch this for … [Continue reading]

Easy Peasy Bed Fort


Are you running out of ideas about how to entertain your toddler, especially late on a Friday afternoon? Our son Oliver loves playing on our bed … [Continue reading]

Summertime Safety

Grilling at summer weekend

Summertime triggers an American ritual: the rolling out of the grills, the dusting off of the patio furniture, and the beginning of BBQ season! … [Continue reading]

Dads Deserve More Credit


In a recent article from Huffington Post, a clear and obvious statement was made: Dads deserve more credit! But, more importantly, there's science to … [Continue reading]

Summer Salad Dressings


There is nothing like the salads you can whip up over the summer. The colors, flavors, freshness, and crispness are too much to handle when everything … [Continue reading]

Tofu Salad

Tofu Salad

I love cooking with tofu. It's incredibly versatile and is packed with protein, iron, calcium and fatty acids. People all over the world have been … [Continue reading]